Tuesday, September 29, 2009

36 weeks already!

How far along?: 36 weeks

Total weight gain: 27 lbs (I asked at my appt today!)

How big is baby?: Right at 6 lbs and 18.5” long, similar in size to a crenshaw melon :)

Maternity clothes?: Yes but I am quickly running out of options. Even Jarrod’s big t shirts won’t fit comfortably over my tummy anymore.

Stretch marks?: nope

Sleep?: Aside from the frequent potty runs, it’s okay! Jarrod & I switched bed spots so that I’m closer to the bathroom.

Best moment this week?: Emma praying for Owen AND being treated to a pedi/mani by my mom (my poor feet are already swelling!)

Food cravings?: no new ones this week

Labor signs?: I have been getting some small cramps

Belly button in or out?: just ugly

What I miss: sleeping on my belly and being able to help lift heavy things

What I'm looking forward to: my shower this weekend (& my hosts coming in town to visit!!)

Milestone: Dr. Wang checked and confirmed that I have dilated 1cm and am about 25% efaced!


  1. I am so excited about little man getting here. I hope he is on the day I choose but I also hope he gets here soon.
    Love the pic, btw.

  2. I bet you are still beautiful! But I do remember the feeling well. For me there was a constant mantra running through my mind "GET. THIS. BABY. OUT. NOW."