Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a start....

With just 40 days left until Owen's estimated D-day we decided it was time to get busy decorating and organizing his nursery. Jarrod re assembled furniture and placed it where we thought it should go while I stuffed the changing table drawers full of teeny tiny diapers. We are using a sports theme with mostly primary colors. We are ending up with one large blank wall and may just spruce it up with a homemade goal post :) Here are some photos of our progress:

My in laws were so kind to bring dinner over this evening! They also came bearing gifts ~ my glider and ottoman set as well as a matching Emma size glider! This is something that I didn't have when Emma was itty bitty but knew I wanted one this go round! Here is a photo of Emma "helping" Grandpa! I am so excited about this new chair and am really looking forward to using it soon.

Here is a photo of Emma & I showing off our new matching gliders!!


  1. Looking good! I love the matching chairs.

  2. awww how cute, has she rocked one of her babies on the chair yet?