Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain and cake

The Yoemen were victorious last night over the Lexington Eagles!! It was a VERY wet game and we enjoyed it under umbrellas :) The first half was pretty rainy but luckily it stopped right before half time.....I kept questioning myself as to WHY we were there! I felt especially bad for the poor homecoming queen nominees who had to walk across the field in heels! The second half was much more tolerable. The rain was kept to a light mist and we WON the game 30-10 :) After the game we had an organized party with the coaching families. It was fun getting to visit!

We are SO thankful for the rain showers this week! Things have been terribly dry all summer and it is so nice to enjoy a lazy afternoon at home with the family. Lita (my mom) bought Emma these cute green rain boots....perfect weather! For some reason she wanted to wear her hat and mittens. I guess she is hoping that cooler weather is on the way (ME TOO!!!!)

I am taking my first Wilton cake class at Michael's on September Saturdays mornings. My fellow coaching wife, Lauren, is taking it with me so that makes it great :) There are several level courses but all I want to know is how to make fun cute cakes for the kids' birthday parties....not just a boring sheet cake with store bought icing. I have wanted to take this class for awhile now and decided that now was a good time. So far we have learned how to make the famous Wilton classic icing and technique for spreading it. We have also learned how to apply dots, stars, borders, writing and the base of the well known Wilton rose. I never dreamed that there would be such an abundance of equipment and utensils required! There are tons of different shaped tips, piping bags, turn tables, carriers, icing colors and doo dads out there.
Our "homework" was to bake and bring a cake to class today. Unfortunately we will not see our new oven until early Oct (yikes, can you believe it?!) so this was quite a challenge. I baked a cake at our AD's house on Thurs, brought it home and accidentely dropped it.....which turned into many tiny pieces on the dining room floor :( I can't remember the last time I was so mad!! My mom kindly offered to bake one for me to take today - THANKS!! We decorated our cakes in class this morning and here is how mine turned out:


  1. Adorable Emma and beautiful cake. I am sorry you dropped the first one. Oh, where did your mom get the boots?

  2. Love the pics of Emma and her rain boots, mittens, and gloves. You have to love kids! Also, great job on the cake. I'm impressed!!