Saturday, September 24, 2011

First soccer game

This morning was our first soccer game.  I was SO proud of #5!!

A little pre game stretching and warm up....

There are 39 minutes and four quarters in the game.  The Red Bulls did a GREAT job and even scored TWO goals!  We have lots to work on at practice this week but I can definitely see improvement!  The two things we focus on at this level are A) Learning the game and B) Having fun!  Coaching is not a cakewalk but I am glad to have this experience on my "mommy resume" ;)

Some serious concentration!!

Fellow coach's kid, Cody :)

Emma with her Coach/Mom

Five more weeks of games.....we would LOVE for you come cheer us on :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Happy Homecoming!   

Owen - 23 months

Emma - 22 months (Oct 08)

And look at her now Where has our baby girl gone?

Our talented friend Monica made this cute matching mum and garter set for the kids :)

Emma was excited to perform in the pep rally.  She is front and center between two girls with pom poms.  Enjoy....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twenty three months

Owen is 23 months old!  And don't worry, I will stop aging him by months on his birthday :)  Afterall, he is soon to be the big boy age of TWO!!  According to the Yoe weight room scale he weighs 29 lbs.

He loves babies.  In fact, he welcomed another baby boy cousin (Kannon) into the family last week.  He is quick to point babies out in public.  He says "Ba ba!" and even pats them very gently.

He loves to play!  Not only can he make a monster truck sound but he can now muster up a loud ROAR!!  These things aren't always's true, boys are just wired differently :)

He also loves to prance around in his sister's Disney princess high heel collection.  He can even run and make his way down stairs in them!  His daddy is not so much amused. 

He enjoys everything about football (except sitting still in the stands on Friday nights)!  He even demanded to sleep in his maroon jersey last night.  Somedays you just have to pick your battles :)  He is still doing gymnastics and does a great job with forward rolls, log rolls and walking on the balance beam.  I think he probably likes the bunnies in the break room more than his actual class.  His attention span doesn't normally last the whole hour but he is not alone.  His coach commented that he follows instructions exceptionally well, which is definitely nice to hear.

Shortly after he turned 22 months he was evaluated for speech by Early Childhood Intervention.  They came to our house and did about an hour of testing with him.  Although I explained my concerns to the social worker over the phone I am so glad that she was able to meet with him to provide her professional insight.  He was tested on six different categories, including social, communication and motor skills.  Overall he is right on track.  He tested one month ahead on motor skills and one month behind on communication skills.  This was not grounds for any speech therapy.  I was relieved and surprised at the same time!  It is very evident that he processes EVERYthing internally but just doesn't express himself vocally much yet.  It also has a LOT to do with the fact that his older sister talks for him ;)  Since the evaluation I've noticed that he is more willing to repeat new words.  It might be awhile before he is linking words together but we certainly want him to do things at his own pace.

He is sleeping MUCH better these days (halleluja)! He even sleeps through most nights. He takes one long nap each day, sometimes starting around 10:30 and other times around 1.....depending on our schedule each day. He sleeps anywhere from 2-4 hours!  He is eating a little better now.  Some of his most recent favorites include raisins, crutons and dinner rolls.  He is always up for eating pizza, tortillas and yogurt!  Everything else is just hit or miss.  He has shown some stranger anxiety lately.  He is not a fan of the church nursery, which is really the only time he leaves mama all week.  His personality is much more reserved than his big sis.  It has never seemed to bother her when we leave.

Only four weeks left until his birthday!  Time to get in party planning mode....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Party blog

Please visit my newest blog here!  You are welcome to follow my latest party creations and adventures there :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ready, set, GOAL!!

Not only is it football season in our household, but it is also soccer season!!  Tonight was Emma's very first practice.  Not only am I now an official "soccer mom", but I am the soccer COACH (check out my whistle)!! 

Our team is the Red Bulls and there are eight total players, ages 4-6.  Everyone did a fantastic job at practice and I am blessed with a great assistant coach and high school player to help.  We worked on two touch passes, goal shooting and even took turns playing goalie.  We look forward to six Saturday morning games starting next week! 

Although I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone here, I am ready for this adventure! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Beat" the Tigers!!

It's that time again....Battle of the Bell!  The rivalry between the Cameron Yoemen and the Rockdale Tigers is a huge deal around here. 

This evening we attended the annual community wide pep rally.  There is a big tradition of "beating" an old car.  Here are the kids posing in front of the car....before the party started. 

Our coaching staff is blessed with lots of beautiful children....and we love spending time with every single one of them :)  Here are the kids clapping to the band with Miss Jessilynn.

The football boys really enjoy bashing the car.  Here are some photos of them hard at work. 

They even flipped it over!!

Here are my wild children :)

Emma and another fellow coach's kid, Cody!

Ringing the bell.....

We look forward to the BIG game on Friday :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A hint of Fall

The Smiths have really been enjoying the much more tolerable temps the past couple of days.  I could certainly go for 20+ degrees cooler and some rain, but I won't complain (much!) 

Emma & Owen spent some time creating chalk masterpieces on the driveway this afternoon. 

I pray that the temps continue to drop so that we can spend more time outdoors exploring.  It's definitely what the kids love best :)