Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Beat" the Tigers!!

It's that time again....Battle of the Bell!  The rivalry between the Cameron Yoemen and the Rockdale Tigers is a huge deal around here. 

This evening we attended the annual community wide pep rally.  There is a big tradition of "beating" an old car.  Here are the kids posing in front of the car....before the party started. 

Our coaching staff is blessed with lots of beautiful children....and we love spending time with every single one of them :)  Here are the kids clapping to the band with Miss Jessilynn.

The football boys really enjoy bashing the car.  Here are some photos of them hard at work. 

They even flipped it over!!

Here are my wild children :)

Emma and another fellow coach's kid, Cody!

Ringing the bell.....

We look forward to the BIG game on Friday :)

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