Thursday, February 27, 2014

Owen's first t ball practice

As a mama I love having a front row seat to my kids' childhood.  I especially enjoy witnessing every "first".  This afternoon Owen officially made his debut in an organized sport!  He has spent long enough sitting on the sidelines watching his big sister participate and now he is ready to shine!  

His t ball team is the Mudcats and our church youth minister and friend Charlie is his head coach this season.  He doesn't seem to mind notice that he has most of Emma's equipment handed down.  Daddy even spray painted her bright pink helmet shiny silver!  Owen did, however, get to pick out a snazzy new pair of Under Armor cleats at Academy.  He promised they would make him run faster around the bases!  He must have literally asked the question "Is it time for practice?" a hundred times throughout the day!  He was thrilled when 5:30 finally rolled around.  He was all smiles as we headed to the field:

His practice started with stances and stretches:

Then a little running to get things going!

Ready for catching drills:

Reviewing the bases:

Loving it!!  :)

Emma's team (the Magic Diamonds) had practice at the next field.  Needless to say, we will be spending a lot of time out at the ball field this Spring!  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Health Fair

This week Emma's school hosted a community health fair.  Classes was given a specific topic and each student was given the opportunity to create their very own poster.  Emma's poster was all about about stranger danger.  

We made her poster as bright and colorful as possible, including flashing poster lights we found on sale!  :)

Emma came up with her own important messages including "Never leave with a stranger" and "Never take candy or anything from strangers".  This project was a great opportunity for us to discuss stranger stranger in depth as a family.  

Both kids enjoyed the opportunity to climb up into a firetruck and ambulance on site.  We also made the rounds and learned more about personal personal hygiene, germs and safety.  Emma even earned a free '100' for our attendance!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tiger mini cheer camp 2014

Last month Emma attended a Tiger mini cheer camp hosted by our varsity cheerleaders.  She was so excited to be there with some of her favorite friends :)  They learned a dance as well as a couple of fun cheers.

On Friday evening the group performed during half time of the girls varsity basketball game.  Here she is beforehand with some of her besties: Rebecca, Elizabeth and Abigail :)

Posing with a mascot!  Emma was thrilled about performing and reminded me to pack her pom poms and eye glitter.  She shared with all of her friends :)

Showtime!  :)