Thursday, August 28, 2014

Owen's first day of Pre K

Tuesday was Owen's first day of Pre K at Discovery Days.  He woke up excited and even asked to hold me hand on the way to school.  Once we arrived he couldn't get to his classroom fast enough to catch up with all of his favorite little friends :)  We are beyond blessed to have Ms Anitra as his teacher again this year.

He will still attend Tues/Thurs but will stay until 3pm this year.  I was eager to find out whether or not he would actually sleep at rest time!  He did NOT.  Ms Anitra said that about half fell asleep and half did not.  If they don't fall asleep within the first half hour they are allowed to get up and do a quiet activity.  He said he played race cars.  He was sound asleep in the car before we got home :)  He is so proud of his new lunchbox that matches his backpack.

He is looking forward to the many adventures and experiences Pre K holds!

I got a little more emotional dropping this one off than I anticipated.  He completely melts my heart.  This is probably the last year he will be home with me some during the week and I will cherish every single day.  He is funny, sympathetic and curious.  He continuously keeps me on my toes and I pray that we are shaping him into a godly young man!

Emma's first day of 2nd grade

It's true...don't blink, they grow fast!  Our summer seemed to fly by and I'm not sure any of us were quite ready for this.  We delivered this sweet girl to second grade on Monday {without front top teeth and without a hair bow, per her request!}  We pray she stays safe and healthy, does her very best, is a kind friend and shares the love of Jesus with everyone.  I will try not to think about the fact that she will be driving in eight years {thanks for the reminder, Big Daddy!} and will be a high school senior in less than ten years.

Her teacher is Mrs Reddick, a fellow coach's wife!  :)  I know she will be in good hands!  Since the car pickup line is absolutely crazy the first week I got in line an hour ahead of time.  I was able to watch her class during recess time.  She did a lot of swinging and walking around with two sweet classmates, Marisol and Alexis.  Of course later she informed her daddy that a bunch of the boys were chasing them!  She said that her favorite part of the day was catching up with her friends and her least favorite part was waiting so long for lunchtime.  Second grade has the very last lunch this year (beginning at 12:30!!)  

It was daddy's first day of school too :)  I had to get a photo of them in their matching Tiger orange!

Drop off gets a little easier {and the mama tears lessen} every year....especially because she loves school.  While it's bittersweet to let her grow up it's fun to watch her blossom and develop into such an incredible young lady!  Here's to a wonderful year :)

Emma's baptism

The Lord does not look at things man looks at.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.-Samuel 16:7

Not only did she learn to ride her bike without training wheels, spend her first entire week away at camp and lose her two front top teeth {the night before}, but Emma was also baptized this Summer!

The Lord has been working in Emma's heart for quite some time.  She decided to trust and ask Him into her heart at camp.  {Oh how I love that camp!}  She followed through with believer's baptism on July 27th.  Our pastor {and her head softball coach!}, Jared Burt, baptized her.  Big Daddy and Lita came were there to share in the big day.  We are so thankful that Emma made this huge decision and commitment and pray that we guide and lead her as He wants us to.

Repent and be baptized, every one of you, In the name of Jesus Christ and you will receive the Holy Spirit.  -Acts 2:38

Lansberry Field Day 2014

Lansberry field day was another success this Spring!  I was honored to be asked to help organize the activities.  Mrs. Meredith's class looked sharp in their matching shirts :)

Serious egg balancing....

Of course little brother was included :)

Owen tested how long he could keep his little hands in the ice

There were some very competitive boys in Emma's class this year!

Coach Smith vs one of his student athletes, Terrance :)

All kinds of fun activities were planned.  It was a fun morning :)

First grade besties in pink :)