Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Art

Emma enjoyed her Spring art class so much that she jumped at the opportunity to attend Summer classes.  She is very interested in art and drama.  She convinces Owen to put on a "show" every night at home.  This week she took Painting/Collage, Creative Dramatics and Beginning Clay Techniques.  Her absolute favorite was Creative Drama.  Anyone who knows her well knows that drama, acting and being center stage are right down her alley :)  Click HERE to check out the brief skit performed by her class!  It was entitled "Emma's Flower Garden"  ;)

This table displays the 6&7 year old artwork (pears and sunsets):

Emma was proud to show us her clay masterpieces (a snail & ladybug included!)

Owen was more than happy to help her hold artwork for a photo :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday America!


We enjoyed an afternoon on the Brazos river :)

Proud patriotic pooch :)

The kids enjoyed the festivities!

Uncle Joseph fulfilled his promise to take the kids on a trip out on the boat :)

Roxie did lots of swimming!

Muffin the watchdog (not so much a swimmer!)

These three splashed around a little...

Later that evening we enjoyed fireworks and glow sticks. We definitely heard more fireworks than we saw. There was actually a very pleasant breeze outdoors :)

Farewell Jackson Avenue!

This is definitely long overdue but better late than never, right?!?

It was a particularly warm and sunny Fall morning when we became homeowners for the third time!  I was eight months pregnant when we assumed ownership of our Jackson Avenue home.  It had just been fabulously remodeled and we were specifically excited about the granite counter tops, hardwood floors, zero carpet and extra living space for our growing family!  We have soooo many sweet and unforgettable memories from here.  It's where.....

*Jarrod spent many hours building the kids' first swing set by hand (it was his post football season project and I was super impressed by his carpentry skills!)

*We brought Owen home from the hospital

*We gave Owen his very first bath (Big sister was lots of help!)

*We hosted our first Thanksgiving (when Owen was just a month old!)

*Owen enjoyed his first dip in the backyard pool

*We trick-or-treated on the nearby streets with sweet friends

*Emma learned to play t ball (even before she was potty trained!)

*We hosted baby ducklings for a few weeks

*We installed and painted a brand new front door

*We celebrated many birthdays (including Owen's first birthday party)

*We hosted friends over for play dates

*We said bedtime prayers and enjoyed many, many sweet bedtime stories

*Roxie got sprayed by a skunk (eww!)

*Emma played countless hours of dress up :)

*We played numerous games of 'hide and seek'.  The kids could usually be found hiding in the bottom cabinet of a shelf in the living room :)

*We took first day of school photos on the front porch

*We could clearly hear the Yoemen band and football announcer from our backyard

*We made (and left) cookies for Santa

*Owen learned to crawl...then walk....then run :)

*Our families helped us put up a full privacy fence

*I had an itty bitty helper in the kitchen

*We waited for daddy to return home from work on the front steps almost every day

*We enjoyed a real snow day!

Our house was on the market for nearly 14 long months.  We prayed earnestly and specifically that we would receive a reasonable offer (quickly!) and that it would pass smoothly through an inspection.  It was certainly a huge test of faith and patience and a lesson that God's timing is always perfect.  On the afternoon of 2/13 I received the call from our realtor that we had an offer!!  I shed happy tears.  On the afternoon of 3/13 we closed!  Praise the Lord!  It was nice to be able to do it person and meet the new owners.

We left a little housewarming gift for the new owners.  We hope that they enjoy the house and make plenty of sweet memories just like we did :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

VBS 2013 - Colossal Coaster World

We are truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful local church, Dorcas Wills Memorial Baptist.  They reached out to us shortly after our arrival to town last year and Emma attended VBS and loved it!  It was a great opportunity for her to learn more about the love of Jesus as well as to meet some little friends before school started!  I was excited to be invited to co-lead the Kindergarten class this year!  LaNan and I decorated our room from top to bottom with all things bright and bold.  We created a "roller coaster track" on the floor and asked the kiddos to sit in a square each day.  We attached a large hoola-hoop to the ceiling and strung streamers from it to the walls.  We also covered one wall with balloon pop corn and another with bright tablecloths.

We had about 15 kiddos almost every day and it was truly a blessing to be able to share the love of Jesus with them :)  The theme was Colossal Coaster World.  Our motto for the week was "Facing fear; Trusting God".  Through every twist, turn, and dive, Colossal Coaster World  challenged the kids to face their fears and to trust God!  The kiddos enjoyed snacks at Cotton Candy Cafe and learned praise songs at Tune Town.  They also enjoyed recreation and missions each day.

The music was great!!  By the end of the week we all had it memorized.  It was definitely stuck in my head most of the week :)  On the last day Emma won the song cd in a drawing!

My coaster kids :)

Owen and Levi (pastor's son) after Bible story time

Everyone at worship rally


The kids made numerous crafts this week.  It certainly helped that Hobby Lobby carries a variety of them that fit the most popular VBS themes!  We knew ahead of time that we would constantly need to keep these littles busy ;)

Little brother spent Monday across the street in the Pre K class but by Tuesday insisted on staying with Kindergarten.

Performing at family night

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
~2 Timothy 1:7