Thursday, October 22, 2015

Owen is SIX!

Ready or not, our Owen is suddenly SIX!!  He is handsome, strong willed, smart, unpredictable, playful, hilarious, rebellious and methodical.  He weighs 48 pounds and stands 3 feet and 11 inches tall {both around the 75th percentile}.  At his check up Dr Knight was impressed with how much height he has gained over the past year!  He wears size 5/6 clothes and size 13 shoes.

He is a loyal friend, a ball full of endless energy, has a great memory and is very competitive.  He enjoys making people laugh, dancing, singing in children's choir, playing football with his daddy and riding his bike.  He dislikes matching socks, not getting his way and trying new foods.
He is still a very particular eater.  However, he has expanded his horizons and now enjoys broccoli and cheese soup, chicken noodle soup, garlic bread, salad and string cheese.  His favorite meal consists of a peanut butter sandwich, Gogurt, fruit snacks and a juice box. 
He is a terrific big brother!  He {usually!} loves to help but still must be watched closely and can't be left alone with Hudson. 
He is thriving in the land of Kindergarten but dearly misses the more intimate setting and special friends at Pre K.  I am incredibly thankful for his teacher and that he is learning so much.  He has only had to move his behavior color down a few times: for chasing girls and trying to kiss them, purposefully unplugging friends' headphones during a lesson and for turning book pages with his mouth {did I mention he likes attention?!}  Ms T says that he is a leader and that his fellow students often follow him.
Owen is extremely determined and adventurous.  He is a rock climbing machine!  He zips up quickly and doesn't stop until he reaches the top to ring the bell.  He frequents the one at the Baylor exercise facility and this one was at our local Independence day celebration.  

In lieu of a big party this year we  let Owen choose a few friends to take out for a day.  He chose three Pre K besties and celebrated with a trip to 7 Acre Wood and Double Dave's for dinner.  The kiddos enjoyed a hay ride, train ride, pony ride, petting zoo, playground, mini golf, zip line and more.  {L to R Willa, Emma, Keaton, JK & Owen} What a fun bunch :)

Owen chose this Lego design for his cupcakes!  Shoa at our local Red Barn Bakery always does a great job :) 

Hopefully the next six years won't fly by as quickly as the first six did.  We love our middle little with ALL our hearts and count it a blessing that the Lord chose us to be his parents.  There is never ever a dull day with this fellow and we love it!  :)
Current favorites:
TV show: Paw Patrol
Movie: The Incredibles
Sonic drink: Dr Pepper
Color: orange
Hobby: playing outside
Food: rice
Friend: Keaton
Day: Friday {because it's the weekend!}
Book: Pete the Cat series

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hudson at 7 months

Hudson is now seven months old!  Our little pumpkin weighs 15 lbs 6 oz and measures 24.5 inches long.  He still wears mostly size 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers.  His hair is getting longer on top and has some curl to it.  Some days it goes wild and is as cute as can be!  He is such an easy going child and is as smiley as can be :)
Overall he is still a great sleeper but has regressed a bit lately.  He awakens periodically some nights and nurses back to sleep each time.  Daddy can swaddle him crazy tight but he always manages to wiggle his arms free.  He still cat naps a few times per day for about half an hour each time.  Snoozing in noise doesn't bother him at all {of course he has no choice with big siblings!}  Daddy's football games kickoff at bedtime which has been an adjustment!  He goes with the flow and snoozes well in the Ergo carrier.  Typical coach's kid :)

This month he endured his first cold and also enjoyed his first shopping trip in the big boy stroller as well as his first time swinging at the park.  He could have stayed there all day!  Once Fall-like temps arrive we will be spending lots of time outdoors :) 

He is our social butterfly and people often stop to soak in his sweet personality.  Unless he is very hungry or sleepy he is usually happy and content!  He especially loves to bathe, swing outside and spend time with his favorite big sister :)   He doesn't reach for toys yet but often gets a strong grasp of hair or earring and doesn't want to let go!  He has become VERY talkative this month and loves to share his opinion {whatever that might be!}  He even says "Mamama" :)

He still enjoys eating!  He eats 5.5 ounces every three hours like clockwork and eats baby food twice a day.  We added avacados and bananas this month and we also started mixing foods together.  He seems to like both fruits and veggies and opens wide for the spoon :)

He had his quarterly clinic day at TCH this week and everything looked great.  He only had to endure one quick test.  He had blood work done on his arm for the first time (opposed to his heel like before) and was NOT a fan.  He impressed everyone with his smiles and chatter.  As long as everything stays stable we won't have to go back until mid February (yay!)

He now recognizes his bottle, the sound of the bath water running and his nap time hymns.  He does PT once a month and is getting stronger.  He can sit independently for a few seconds and is learning how to hold his own bottle.  He can turn from side to back when enticed by the TV ;)

This month he attended Bunco with me so I included him in my costume!  I may be biased but he was the cutest little pigskin I've ever seen. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

1st Runner Up

Emma participated in the 'Little Miss September' pageant during the annual Trinity fair weekend, hosted by the local Avalon nursing home.  She decided on her own outfit {and Lita helped with her very first cowgirl hat and boots!}  A few days before the big night there was a social at Avalon.  Emma delivered a pink rose to each resident and enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and visit with them.  She especially loved this 101 year old new friend! 
The pageant was on a Friday and started an hour before kickoff across town.  We were fashionably late to the game but it was well worth it :)  I was SO proud of how courageous and beautiful she was!  I even let her wear some light makeup and glitter!
A talent was allowed but not required.  Emma was a comedian and did an excellent job!  She had prepared three jokes and spoke them into the microphone perfectly!  Her sweet and spunky personality really showed and was well received by the judges, fellow contestants and crowd!  Emma won 1st runner up and received a trophy, t shirt and flowers! She enjoyed the entire experience and it was fun to watch :)