Saturday, December 31, 2016


We were so glad that Cliff, Chassati, Aaron and Evette and their families could join us to welcome 2017!  The adults enjoyed Catchphrase and Family Feud while the kiddos enjoyed glow sticks, silly string, poppers and sugar :)  I'm happy to report that everyone (except Hudson!) made it to midnight!!
 Cousins - just 8 months apart!  So glad Chass and her kids were in town ;)
More girly cousins ~ ice cream sundaes for the WIN!

We enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve and bidding farewell to 2016 at home with friends and family!  We are praying for a peaceful and prosperous 2017 :)


Thursday, December 29, 2016

A birthday visit to American Girl

You only turn TEN once -- and when you do we celebrate ALL month long!!  :)  Over the past several years Lita has been great about planning periodic trips to the American Girl store.  The Dallas galleria is decorated so beautifully during the holiday season so it was the best time to go. 

This time Emma brought her BFF, Hallie, and her AGD, Molly.  We had lunch reservations at the bistro.  The table was full

Emma enjoyed a large chocolate milkshake with sprinkles and a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday (for the tenth time in two weeks - ha)!     

Little man was great - and we put the napkin rings on his ears :)

The girls enjoyed watching the ice skaters while wandering the mall.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

4th grade Christmas performance

The Woodway 4th grade did an excellent job in their Christmas performance.  Emma had a speaking part and also played the alto xylophone.  

Thanks for coming, Lita and Big Daddy!

A visit with Santa

A local bank hosted Santa one afternoon and opened the doors for kiddos to come snap a photo, write a letter and enjoy some hot cocoa & cookies.
Santa was so patient and kind to sit through so very many photos and to listen carefully to each item my kiddos desired for Christmas :)

 Emma and Owen put lots of focus into their letters to Santa....

They placed them in the mailbox

Little Hudson enjoyed the visit and kept taking his Santa socks off over and over again :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Celebrating a decade {Emoji style!}

This weekend we celebrated Emma's first decade Emoji style!!  We hosted at Practically Pikasso and enjoyed breakfast and a candy bar!

The party guests hard at work on their masterpieces :)

The boys' table :)

The birthday girl posing with the hedgehog she painted!

Everyone loves cookie cake!!

Selfie station...

Happy Birthday Emma!  It's been a FUN filled week of celebration :)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Emma is TEN!

Emma is TEN.  That's right, double digits!  I simply cannot believe that we have been proud parents for a whole decade.  While it's such a bittersweet thing for us as her parents, I assure you she is ecstatic and has been counting down the days!
Emma is sweet, smart, kind, creative, accommodating, compassionate and pretty.  She is lots of fun and makes our world a better place.  She is the BEST big sister in the world.  She is incredibly sensitive to the feelings of others.  She despises flu shots, cleaning out her closet and memorizing multiplication facts.  She likes sprinkled donuts, glittery nail polish and all things turtle :)

She stands 4' 7.5" tall, wears size 12/14 outfits, a women's size 7 shoe.  She has added new molars, wears deodorant and loves to read multiple books at a time!  She enjoyed her turn at anchoring the 'Woodway Today' daily morning show this Fall and starts on the camera crew after the new year. 

She is doing well in 4th grade and brings home all As and Bs!  She made the UIL oral reading team and looks forward to competing in January.  She is still enjoying piano and church children's choir.  She played the alto xylophone and had a speaking part in the 4th grade class Christmas program.

She enjoys playing softball and volleyball.  She is very talented at creating short movies and writing stories.  She enjoys our big backyard and could swing or jump on the trampoline for hours!

Current favorites:
Color: turquoise
Best friend: Hallie
TV Show: Bunked
Movie: Trolls
Outfit: Cozy sweater with black leggings
Ice cream flavor: Rocky Road
Food: Hamburgers
Candy: gummy bears {red especially!}
Drink: Root beer
What are you good at? softball, writing and making friends
What do you want to be when you grow up? movie director


Dear Emma,
You are wonderfully ten.  In some ways I can't believe time sped by so fast.  In other ways I feel like I've always been "Emma's mom".  You made me a mom a decade ago and it has been the most rewarding, emotional, fantastic job.  Ever. 
I savored the days when you were itty bitty.  I did my very best to soak them in and to remember everything.  Occasionally I miss those days but I also enjoy the young lady you are becoming.  Now we can talk, get pedicures and laugh together about silly things. 
You are SO much fun.  You have the cutest personality and you have a very pure and kind heart.  You put others first and you accommodate well in a plethora of life situations.  You have your own style and ideas.  You are oh so creative in ways that I have never been.  Your imagination is extraordinary and I can't wait to see how you use the many gifts you were given to glorify God throughout your life.
As you get older you will realize more and more than this is a broken world.  This is NOT our home.  Be a light for Christ, put Him first and follow His ways.  Bring others to Him and love them well.  Cast your burdens on Him.  He created you and has a master plan.  He holds you in the palm of His hand and won't let go.  Trust and obey.  Even when thing don't make an ounce of sense.

Your dad and I are your biggest fans.  We are always on your side.  We continuously pray for you and for your future.
My fear is that the next ten years will go by even faster than the last ten.  I promise that I will cherish every fleeting moment.  You are the daughter I've always dreamed of and I look forward to making lots of memories :) I love you.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Hudson at 21 months

Little man is 21 months!  He now weighs 23 lbs 11oz, measures just over 28.5" long and has 16 teeth!  Here are some of the cute faces he makes!  :)

He likes to go down the mirror aisle at Hobby Lobby.  I used to do this with his big sis about a decade ago!

He enjoys books!  He will sit for a brief moment to hear a story but then attacks the book so that he can turn the pages himself!  He adores his sister and brother and constantly giggles at their every move!

PT is going well.  We are focusing on core strength and ability.  Here he is sitting on a stool while playing with his favorite toy cube.  This position forces him to find his center balance and he is usually able to correct himself when he starts leaning toward one side or the other.  He still spends time in his Bumbo wheelchair and stander but would rather just be held.....!     

He usually bathes every other day and sleeps 11 hours each night - usually waking up twice.  He is ready for a nap around 1:00pm which often lasts a couple of good hours if it's quiet!  He is a great eater and loves to be outdoors.

This wagon has been wonderful!  He explored the zoo in it one day this month.

He is enjoying the holiday season and LOVES Christmas lights!!  After his siblings decorated the tree he spent awhile admiring it.  Of course he immediately pulled several ornaments off :)  It's definitely fun to see Christmas through a little one's eyes again. 

He was under the weather for about seven days.  After scary high temps and finally a rash it was determined that he had tonsillitis and roseola.  Because he felt miserable and was down for so long he definitely took a step back in PT practice but is slowly working his way back.  So glad our little man is better.  Stay away germs!!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Turkey Day 2016

Happy Turkey Day from the Smiths!  :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bump, set, spike!!

Emma did a wonderful job during her very first season playing volleyball.  She started out as a rookie but quickly learned and contributed greatly to her team!  We really enjoyed watching her blossom.

Each girl was given the opportunity to serve during their rotation each game.  Emma's serves were very strong and usually went right over the net! 
The team did great and celebrated the season by attending a Baylor volleyball game one weekend!

Mean Green Machine

Owen enjoyed his first season of flag football!  His team was the "Mean Green Machine" and they did a fantastic job!

Team huddle to discuss top secret strategy ;)

Owen has been around the game since birth and now he is finally getting to be on the field himself :)

Great job team!  We had an undefeated season!