Monday, February 9, 2015

Owen funnies

Owen is such a hilarious little dude.  He enjoys making others laugh and is definitely following in his daddy's witty footsteps.  His vocabulary and pronunciation is improving so much but there are still some particular words he adds his own personalization to and that I never want to forget:
fefore - before
 fefessional - professional
mowing - morning
 instruction - concession {stand}
meowk - milk
papas an - parmesan {cheese}
 tooey - twenty {20}
 except - until or unless {"I'm not going except Emma goes!"}
Owen often seems extra talkative and inquisitive during our commute on school days.  Here are some comical things he comes up with.  I must admit that he is pretty darn cute and creative!
One of his frequent breakfast foods of choice is a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart.  Each serving comes in a pack of two.  Every single time he has one he gets down to one small square piece of the second tart, hands it to me, smiles real big and declares that he is going to take a pop tart break.  He never ends up finishing that tiny piece.
One morning Lucy had voluntarily gotten into her kennel with the door standing open.  Owen asked me why she had done that.  I told him to ask her.  With a straight face and without skipping a beat he replied "I don't speak dog!"
One afternoon upon picking him up from school I offered a mozzarella stick to Owen {he usually loves them}.  He declined and announced that his taste buds had changed while at school.
One morning before school I instructed Owen to brush his teeth.  He spent a few minutes whining on the in disapproval.  He finally admitted that he only knows how to bush one tooth.
Emma has learned this little jingle at school and Owen has followed suit: 
"Such and such sitting in a tree, k-s-i-i-n-g-g...!" 
Clearly we are still working on spelling :)

Recently Owen asked "How does Jesus get into your heart?"  I did my best to explain things in his terms.  He replied with "Yeah I know all of that but how does he really fit in there?"