Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day at the pool

We are really enjoying our lazy Summer days...especially having daddy home (for just a few more weeks)!  This afternoon we headed to the city pool.  It has the BEST kiddy area ever. 

Daddy is in charge of swimming lessons this year.  Emma is finally somewhat warming up to the idea.  There is no way I could take both kids to the pool alone at this stage, so I'm very thankful to have him along :)

The frog slide is lots of fun :)  Owen is a brave little guy!

Swimming and splashing takes lots of energy!  Owen needed a snack break (oatmeal cream pie of course!)

As ready as I am for Fall weather, I hope to soak up a few more days at the pool :)

First dentist visit

On Monday Emma experienced her first dentist visit and in her words "it went great"!  Every book and pediatrician recommends taking kids at a different age, but we finally decided that it was time to kick start this healthy habit. 

She requested that her daddy accompany her.  He called immediately after with a wonderful report.  Thankfully she takes after her daddy with no cavities and a healthy set of chompers :)  As you can see, she also takes after him with these tan legs:

When I initially scheduled the appointment they told me that this would be considered a "happy visit".  They would first take a peek and if she allowed they would continue with the full examination, cleaning and fluoride rinse.  I must admit that I was super impressed and surprised that they were able to do the whole package!  I think it must have really helped that we had prepared her for it well in advance.

We are so proud of how brave she was!  We are also so glad that she has a positive feeling about going back to the dentist.  She was so excited to pick out a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and even a pretend butterfly tatoo.  We should expect for her first tooth to fall out between ages 5-6. 

All smiles :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twenty months

On (Monday) June 20th Owen turned 20 months! 

 According to the official Yoemen weight room scale he is around 24 pounds.  He is still in size four regular and overnight diapers.  We are no where near starting to potty train (definitely more relaxed with child #2)!  We just purchased his first size 7 shoes at the Nike outlet....but I doubt they will last through football season.  I'm constantly amazed at how fast the kiddos' tootsies grow!!  He fits comfortably in all size 18 month tops and bottoms and I predict that he will graduate to size 2T around his birthday.  We just turned his car seat forward facing.

We can finally see more interest in his eating.  He is slightly more willing to try foods that he wouldn't touch before.  If there is something he absolutely won't have he shakes his head really big side to side!  He would live on chips & salsa, green grapes, flour tortillas, yogurt, pop tarts and oatmeal cream pies if we let him.  He also loves to dip things (gravy, ketchup, ranch, etc.).  We learned the hard way that we shouldn't sit near a play/game area for meal time. 

Most days he only takes one nap.  It starts late morning and usually lasts a couple of hours.  We are offering the pacifier only in the car and when he sleeps.  Some days that's easier said than done!  He is still a very light sleeper and wakes up several times throughout the night.  Thank goodness his sweet daddy is getting up with him this Summer :)

He thinks his daddy is #1!!  He has become a huge daddy's boy over the past few weeks while Jarrod has been home.  Although it hurts his mama's feeling just a little, it's neat that they have been able to bond.  We even have to strategically distract him on the other side of the house if Jarrod has to go outside or leave for anything.  Bless his heart....it's going to be a sad day for Owen when football starts.

His vocabulary has expanded a little.  Some of the words he says now include mama, dada, sissy, dog, duck, bath, outside, night-night, juice, pop tart, snack, ball, bat, truck, car, up, down, book, please, shoes, bug and baby. 

He loves to make noise and to be outside!  He is getting very brave with climbing and exploring.  When he wakes up each morning he looks for a bat and wants to swing at everything....and nothing is safe! 

"A boy is truth with dirt on its face,
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
And the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket...." -Unknown

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Daddy

Here is the slide show I made for my dad.  Hope you enjoy!

"What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies." ~Rudolph Giuliani

One SWEET day

This afternoon we ventured to Waco for fun with some of our favorite friends!  First we met at a cute new downtown cupcake shop called What About Cupcakes?  Just take a look at this yum....

Most of you know that I am a big cupcake fan!  My taste buds started dancing when we walked in :)  Some of the most popular flavors included cookies & cream, margarita, and neapolitan.  Here is what I enjoyed....

Sweet little friends :)

Here are some of my fellow stay at home mamas.  We all met in the Fall of 2007 in Stroller Strides (Emma was just 8 months old!)  Even though the miles separate us more than we would like, we still love to get together when we can :)

After cupcakes we headed over to the Mayborn childrens museum.  They have a special Egyptian display right now.  Notice the Baylor athletes dressed in gear! 

Here are some snap shots of Owen at play....

We had a fabulous time with our friends and hope to play again very soon :)

Father's Day 2011

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." -- Sigmund Freud

This was my first attempt at a slideshow but I think it turned out well!  (This is when taking lots of pics comes in handy!)

Words cannot express how wonderful Jarrod is at being a daddy!  There was no doubt in my mind when we got married, but watching him in his role as a father still takes my breath away.  Not only is he an amazing dad to our two little ones, but he is such a father figure to many.  He is patient, kind, understanding, empathetic and involved.  He makes my job as a mama so much easier.  I am soooo thankful for him :)

Enjoy Emma's responses to questions about her daddy below in red:

My dad is special to me because I want him to be my boyfriend when I grow up!
I like it when my dad kisses me
My dad can do many things! I think he is best at making my swing set!
I love when my dad laughs! I can make him laugh by tickling him.
My dad is as handsome as a bumble bee!
My dad is smart. He even knows all about polar bears
My dad’s favorite food is Los Comales (our fav Mx food place here in Cameron!)
My dad’s favorite thing to watch on TV is Phineas and Ferb!!
When my dad goes to work he teaches his class and gets candy for me.
My dad is the best in the family at coloring.
My dad is very mature. He is six years old.
My dad is one foot tall.
My dad has black hair and his eyes are brown.
My dad likes to wear his Aggie shirt.
I love daddy because he is special!

We are truly blessed with wonderful fathers who have supported us in every step of our lives.  

On Sunday we were fortunate to be able to enjoy breakfast with Grandpa Ed, lunch with Grandpa James and dinner with Big Daddy. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

VBS - "Shake it Up!"

Emma enjoyed another week of Vacation Bible School.  This year's theme was Cokesbury's "Shake it Up", where kids carry out God's recipe.  She even came home with a chef hat and an apron (I should put her to work in the kitchen)! 

On Friday the kiddos did a quick program which included several choreographed songs (E is on the far left).  I was impressed that she knew it all.  She has been singing the songs ever since :)

Owen thinks "that's my sister!!"

Emma talked about this racoon puppet every day after VBS.  Of course we had to get a photo!

Here she is with one of her besties, Brinley.  B's mom is the leader of VBS and always does a fantastic job!

Nothing makes my heart happier than knowing our kiddos are learning about Jesus.  We are so blessed that Emma had this great opportunity.

New Summer Do

Emma's hair had gotten sooo long.  Most days she refuses to keep a bow in so it had started looking pretty shaggy.  Yesterday she got a trim cut (4+ inches to be exact!)  She says it feels a lot better.



Friday, June 17, 2011

Bittersweet Beginnings

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams."

Earlier this month we helped my parents move from Temple to McGregor. They have been so gracious to help us move several times, so we were glad to finally be able to return the favor! They called Deer Trail “home” for over 32 years. In fact, my dad purchased the house on March 5, 1979, four short months before their wedding.

To many it's just another house that will soon be on the market.  To me it's where....

My parents brought me home from the hospital as a newborn

I spent countless hot Summer nights sitting outside with the other neighborhood kids

My dad & I picked small sweet strawberries in the side yard

I made small handprints in the concrete poured around the two big front yard trees

I learned to ride my bike with training wheels....then without!

My brother and I practiced then performed dinner theaters

I spied on bird nests in the front bushes each Spring

The gentle hum of the A/C unit outside my bedroom window sang me to sleep

My dad built a beautiful two story play house with a balcony

We discovered baby kittens.....twice!
My little brother hung my bra on the mailbox for everyone to see

I hosted my first girly sleepover

Jarrod came to pick me up for our first date (Aug 1997)…..then many more :)

My dad charted our height on the door trim in my parents’ bedroom closet (& did the same for Emma)

I enjoyed birthday parties surrounded by my best friends and family

A 10' mirror was installed on my bedroom wall to practice when I made the varsity dance team

We took annual family photos sitting on the brick fireplace

My innocent little brother pushed me through sheetrock during a wrestling match on my parents' bed
I practiced piano for hours upon hours

I spent hours doing my hair....sponge rollers.....then crimping...then straightening (depending on the decade!)

My mom read to us from the Bible every single morning before school

I was forced to climb inside the same tiny window when I forgot my house key

My aunt surprised us all with ducks in the garage one Easter

My mom taught me how to load a dishwasher, fold clothes and set the table.

I drove forward and back repeatedly in the driveway in my mom's big suburban before I had my license!

Our stockings were carefully hung in a row on the mantle each December

We sadly buried my childhood dog and friend of over twelve years, Schotsie
A black and white cat adopted us and met us nightly on kitchen window seal, we later named him Hendricks

Bent Trail is a new beginning.  We look forward to making lots of new memories there.  It might take awhile before it feels like "home" but I know my parents will be happy there :)  As bittersweet as this move was, my heart is okay with it. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An evening with the Brazos Valley Bombers

Last night we traveled to Bryan to watch the Brazos Valley Bombers play ball!  We were invited by my employer, Reynolds and Reynolds, to dine and watch the game from the party deck.  We were greeted at the gates with tickets, wristbands and navy blue Bombers hats!  We had a great time, despite the crazy heat!! 

The kids' favorite part was the game area!!  Their wristbands alotted them limitless playing time!  Emma loved the bounce house and blow up obstacle course area but Owen was not a fan. 

Both kids enjoyed the hitting and throwing stations.  Owen was certainly in his element and begged to go back all night long!

Please excuse the poor quality of the cell phone photo below (E is in the bottom R hand corner).  I wish I had more photos to share from this fun evening but unfortunately my camera is having more frequent technicial issues :(  What a bummer.

This Summer marks my 3rd year anniversary working part time online with R&R.  I am very blessed with the opportunity and cannot imagine a more flexible situation with staying home and still bringing in extra income.  My direct supervisor, Erin, and I actually attended jr high and high school together and didn't know one another worked for the same company until much later.  Our sons are just 12 days apart!  I was able to meet our on site supervisor, Craig, and a fellow remote call analyst last night for the first time.  It was nice to finally put faces with e mail addreses :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My guy

My little guy (4 days old)....

....has quickly turned into my BIG guy (19 months 3 weeks 2 days)!!!

"A person's a person, no matter how small." ~Dr. Seuss