Friday, June 17, 2011

Bittersweet Beginnings

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams."

Earlier this month we helped my parents move from Temple to McGregor. They have been so gracious to help us move several times, so we were glad to finally be able to return the favor! They called Deer Trail “home” for over 32 years. In fact, my dad purchased the house on March 5, 1979, four short months before their wedding.

To many it's just another house that will soon be on the market.  To me it's where....

My parents brought me home from the hospital as a newborn

I spent countless hot Summer nights sitting outside with the other neighborhood kids

My dad & I picked small sweet strawberries in the side yard

I made small handprints in the concrete poured around the two big front yard trees

I learned to ride my bike with training wheels....then without!

My brother and I practiced then performed dinner theaters

I spied on bird nests in the front bushes each Spring

The gentle hum of the A/C unit outside my bedroom window sang me to sleep

My dad built a beautiful two story play house with a balcony

We discovered baby kittens.....twice!
My little brother hung my bra on the mailbox for everyone to see

I hosted my first girly sleepover

Jarrod came to pick me up for our first date (Aug 1997)…..then many more :)

My dad charted our height on the door trim in my parents’ bedroom closet (& did the same for Emma)

I enjoyed birthday parties surrounded by my best friends and family

A 10' mirror was installed on my bedroom wall to practice when I made the varsity dance team

We took annual family photos sitting on the brick fireplace

My innocent little brother pushed me through sheetrock during a wrestling match on my parents' bed
I practiced piano for hours upon hours

I spent hours doing my hair....sponge rollers.....then crimping...then straightening (depending on the decade!)

My mom read to us from the Bible every single morning before school

I was forced to climb inside the same tiny window when I forgot my house key

My aunt surprised us all with ducks in the garage one Easter

My mom taught me how to load a dishwasher, fold clothes and set the table.

I drove forward and back repeatedly in the driveway in my mom's big suburban before I had my license!

Our stockings were carefully hung in a row on the mantle each December

We sadly buried my childhood dog and friend of over twelve years, Schotsie
A black and white cat adopted us and met us nightly on kitchen window seal, we later named him Hendricks

Bent Trail is a new beginning.  We look forward to making lots of new memories there.  It might take awhile before it feels like "home" but I know my parents will be happy there :)  As bittersweet as this move was, my heart is okay with it. 


  1. My parents moved out of the house I had grown up in 3 days before my college graduation. I know that bittersweet feeling...although it really didn't take long for their new house to feel like "home" to me, too. I do still sometimes wish I could go back in the old house, though...just for old time's sake. :)