Monday, August 21, 2017

First day of school 2017

Happy first day of school to the big kids!! 

Emma is in 5th grade!!  She rotates classes this year and is enjoying music class this first six weeks.  We decorated her first locker!  She is really enjoying the new level of independence that comes with intermediate school.  Her teachers are wonderful and we are anticipating a wonderful year :)

Dad and Owen are helping her set the lock ;)

Mrs Kimmel is Emma's homeroom teacher and seems wonderful!  She is also her Science teacher and of course E was super excited to discover that she has turtles as classroom pets :)  

Treats for our wonderful teachers!

Our silly second grader did not make early morning photos easy!  He was so ready to get back to school and start a routine. 

Little brother had to get in on the action!  Next Fall he will start Preschool!

Ms Wilton is Owen's homeroom teacher and seems great!  She called the day before "Meet the Teacher" and introduced herself to him.  She loves the kiddos :)

Praying for an amazing school year full of learning, growing and sharing Jesus through our actions!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A morning at the Mayborn museum

Before the big kids headed off to school we visited the Mayborn museum.  They enjoyed visiting the traveling Speed (science in motion) exhibit.  This was really the first place with wide open spaces that we brought Hudson's wheels along.  He was such a big boy and zoomed around making new little friends and exploring!

The train was definitely a favorite and he enjoyed watching it go around the track!

Owen especially enjoyed the Science room upstairs.

Hudson loves magnets!


Hello pretty girl!  She loved this mirror!

Hudson has such a love/hate relationship with this buffalo!  He has been scared of it in the past but wheeled full speed toward it.  As soon as he got close he freaked out (but soon made friends with it and seemed so interested in it). 

Making music!

Since this day Hudson has been very interested in "carrrrrrs"!  He has since inherited Owen's old set of wooden tracks and automobiles.

These two enjoyed racing at the Speed exhibit!  They were both so helpful and impressed that Hudson wheeled around so independently :)