Saturday, June 11, 2016

Adios 3rd grade!

Our best girl has officially completed the third grade!  She has had a memorable year and was a trooper during the mid year move.  Onward to FOURTH grade {how can that be?!}

Emma is 9-and-a-half

Our Emma girl is 9-and-a-half!  Truth be told, I'm soooo not ready for the upcoming double digits!  She now weighs 95 pounds and stands over 4.5 feet tall.  She wears mostly size 12 clothes and women's size 7 shoe {it won't be long before we can share!}  

She enjoys riding her bike, playing softball, Barbies and board games.  She is overly competitive, is a talented artist and collects TY stuffed animals. 

She is a wonderful big sister and is very helpful with Hudson.  However, she often enjoys quiet/alone time (I certainly don't blame her!)

She often creates short movies on the ipad and gets very creative!  She gives relaxing foot rubs but requires payment :)

She has a great sense of humor and loves learning new jokes!  She finds the fun in life and makes those around her happy :)

She and Jarrod enjoyed the Father/Daughter dance in February.  She looked beautiful and they had a wonderful evening!  :) 
 Of course we had to be in style cheering Owen's team on this Spring!   

She has really enjoyed taking piano lessons this school year!  She has learned a lot about rhythm, hand/eye coordination and reading notes.  On Mother's Day she wrapped up the year with a patriotic recital and played 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'  and 'You're a Grand Old Flag'.  She recently started teaching Owen how to play :)

She really is growing up right before our eyes.  We love her to pieces!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hudson at 15 months

Hudson is 15 months!  He weighs 20 pounds 8 ounces and measures just under 27 inches long.  His head circumference is 18.25".  He is small but follows his own growth chart beautifully.  He is still in mostly size 12 months but has started wearing some 18 months outfits.   He still wears size 4 diapers.  He has ten teeth total {6 full and 4 peeking!}

He has discovered his legs and feet and often examines them thoroughly!

PT is still once a week and is going very well.  Jaylon is very encouraging and has lots of ideas to build his strength and endurance!  He will also start OT soon.

This is the way we bird bath at the hotel!  Perfect fit :)

He still enjoys eating!  He eats small pieces of whatever we are having.  For breakfast he often has mini pancakes and fruit.  He recently tried donut holes and is quite a fan :)  His favorite snacks are Cheerios, cheese cubes and watermelon.  He does so well self feeding.  He drinks approximately 20 ounces of whole milk each day and is still working on the sippy cup.  He refuses to drink cold milk!

He still wakes up a couple times during the night and will occasionally take a solid nap after lunch.  He doesn't want his hands under the cover but does prefer to tuck them in when cuddling on my chest.  He now prefers to sleep on his tummy.

He decided to check himself out in the mirror while I shopped one day!

We have had quite a pacifier dilemma!  His favorite is the Wubbanub but he has chomped through THREE of them.  Unfortunately they are pricey so we cannot continue to replace them!  Below is my attempt at trying to interest him in a different kind.  It didn't last long!  Fortunately he isn't near as attached to them as his siblings once were and can actually fall asleep without one.  However, they definitely offer comfort so it's nice to keep one nearby. 

He loves swinging and thinks it's funny to feel the wind in his hair! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Kindergarten graduate

Owen graduated from Kindergarten!!  He was lucky to have two wonderful teachers this year and learned to read, write and to be a good friend.  He never skipped a beat during the mid year transition and embraced his new school beautifully!

Woodway Class of 2028 

Mr Pena shook each graduate's hand as their name was called to walk across the stage.

The adorable graduates performed several songs, including "We're off to 1st grade"! 

So proud of our Owen :)

"The days pass slowly but the years fly by."
We look forward to the many adventures of first grade this Fall!