Friday, July 31, 2009

Waco baby shower

Today was my Waco baby shower! My mommy friends Sandra and Stephanie hosted and planned such a fun time. Lots of mommies and kiddos came to celebrate baby boy Smith's upcoming arrival. I am SO blessed to have such generous and wonderful friends. I went home with LOTS of blue and it is beginning to grow on me :) My fellow preggo in the picture is due on Aug but it could be at any moment now! She is also expecting a boy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maroon & white...fight, fight, fight!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like football season. I know it's still just July, but it starts pretty early in the Smith household! If we are lucky it will be football season way past Thanksgiving! Jarrod is already at the field house seven days a week and picture day is next week. Today Emma picked out her first Yoemen cheerleading outfit. Only 16 days until the first scrimmage and 29 days 'til we see the Friday night lights....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The baby with no name

It has been rather difficult trying to decide on a name for our son, (aka "baby boy Smith")! I had a girl name chosen but was shocked when I found out that a BOY will be joining our family :) As a parent, it is a true honor to be responsible for choosing a name. However, there is a lot of pressure as it is such a permanent thing! It is so important to think about all nicknames that could be taken from a first name ~ especially with a boy!

Our short list includes Owen, Carson, Keaton, Samuel, Hudson and Preston. Most of those options have six letters, two syllables and end in an 'N'. I really like all of them. We want to choose a timeless name that suits an infant as well as an old man someday. We want something that looks good hanging in wooden letters from his nursery, sounds intimidating coming from the loud speaker at Friday night football games, flows well at his high school and college graduations and sounds powerful and trustworthy etched in a name plate followed with 'MD' behind it someday. Just joking! Can you tell I've been thinking a lot about this lately?!

We are pretty set on using my maiden name (Barrett) as his middle name. Some friends have suggested waiting until he is born and then assign a first name based on how he looks. That makes me so nervous! I'm afraid they won't let me take him home because I can't select a name to put on the birth certificate :)

There are only 99 days left until the due date (but based on his sister's early arrival I estimate our wait time will be less)!

Friday, July 24, 2009

26 weeks

How far along?: 26 weeks + a couple of days...

Total weight gain: not very much

How big is baby?: 1 2/3 lb & 14" - similar in size to an English hothouse cucumber

Maternity clothes?: of course - luckily I haven't had to buy a lot since I can re use from my last preggo era!

Stretch marks?: None so far, although it makes me a little nervous when Jarrod chimes in with, "You better start applying that belly butter religiously...."!

Sleep?: love it (although every night before I fall asleep I thank God for these last few months of quality rest because I know what's coming......!)

Best moment this week?: Emma actually rubbed my belly and said "Hello baby boy!" Maybe she is understanding things more than I thought :)

Movement?: It is still mainly when I lay down at night. I feel him a little more during the day time now. I can now feel movement on opposite ends of my tummy at the same time. Wow, he is really growing fast in there :)

Food cravings?: sweets - 100 Grands are a fav!

Labor signs?: thankfully none

Belly button in or out?: out (not so attravtive!)

What I miss: seeing my toes

What I'm looking forward to: my first baby shower next Fri :)

Milestone: we will hit the '100' day mark on Mon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jarrod's new toy

Today Jarrod became the proud owner of a new gray 2009 Ford F150! It was my first experience to be a part of the negotiating process in purchasing a new vehicle. It is a long and drawn out deal and I'm so glad it's over! The truck is beautiful and Jarrod looks great driving it :) I have not driven it yet since it is huge!

Daddy's home!!

Jarrod was gone to coaching school in Austin for a few days and returned home late last night! It sounds like he had a great time catching up with coaching buddies! He brought gifts home for the kids - a t shirt for Emma and a tiny onesie for baby boy!

My parents are in Peru so we are dogsitting for them. They have a wild miniature schnauzer named Dixie. Here is a photo I took last night before bedtime.

For an update, I am now 26 weeks along and baby boy Smith weighs about 1 2/3 lbs and measures 14 inches long. Apparently he is similar to the size of an English hothouse cucumber!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer days...

Today we enjoyed a summer day at my in laws' house. Emma enjoyed visiting with her little cousin, Zachary! It's hard to believe that we will add a third kiddo to the bunch before we get together for Thanksgiving :) Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our 2 yr old - the comedian!

When our children were babies we couldn't wait until they could crawl....then walk....then talk! Now that Emma can talk she keeps us laughing all day long! Her vocabulary is gigantic and she often surprises us with what she knows. This weekend we were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden Emma pointed at something and yelled "Look, Geico"! She was referring to a pair of toy binoculars. (She thought they looked like the eyes on top of the money stack on the commercials).

As we traveled in the car through Temple yesterday morning I was so thankful to have my own tour guide on board! Emma is very quick to recognize where we are geographically. Here is what I heard from the back seat: "Look mama, mall - play?!! Kiples (pickes at Mazzios), Applebees, Igdodas (McD's), pancakes (Ihop), COW (Chick fil A)!!!

Yesterday we were at Target and Emma wanted to get out of the basket and walk. Since I did not want to chase her, I told her no. She then asked "Why not"? I said "Where did you learn that?" and she simply responded with a loud giggle :)

Last week while in Dallas we visited our friend Trent at the W hotel. Upon our departure Emma spotted the same hotel from the interstate. She yelled "Look, W"! She then continued on and said "blue lights...hop hop". There were blue lights on the floor and she had hopped over each one and liked the way they looked through her clear shoes.

In the mornings she will prance into our room and order us to "get up, get up"!!

She has become rather touchy about ownership. If I dare touch something that belongs to her daddy she firmly tells me "hey, that's daddy's"! If I am cleaning up the house and start organizing her toys she reminds me that "hey, that's Emma's!" She keeps an eye on EVERYthing!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another quick survey

Outside my window…is a pipe company

I am thinking…that my online job takes up lots of time

I am thankful for...the good health of my family

From the kitchen… I just got some big red ice cream!

I am wearing…denim capris and an aqua shirt

I am creating… a baby boy

I am going… to go crazy if the outdoor temperature stays like this for long :(

I am reading... "The Coach's Wife" by Carolyn Allen

I am praying… that our children are heatlhy, my parents are safe in Peru and that we find a place to live soon!

I am hearing… car dealership calls for work in my head phones

Around the house… we have far too much stuff in such a small space

One of my favorite things… family, spa days, ice cream, shopping and cool Fall days

A few plans for the rest of the week… going to Waco tomorrow

What are some of the simple things that you appreciate about your week so far? freedom, food in the fridge and Jarrod being home with us for just a little while longer........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

25 weeks and counting...

How far along?: 25 weeks

Total weight gain: I've gained a few lbs but I still don't look preggo.

How big is baby?: 1.5 lbs - similar in size to an average sized rutabaga

Maternity clothes?: of course :)

Stretch marks?: none

Sleep?: We have going to bed pretty late recently which has made it painful to get going in the mornings. My sciatic nerve has been KILLING me so it's difficult to get comfortable :(

Best moment this week?: feeling GREAT! I can remember not too long ago feeling so horribly sick so I am thankful for the good days!

Movement?: still not much but more than a few weeks ago

Food cravings?: I wanted corn fritters for a few days but finally got my fill over the weekend. I haven't craved anything uncontrollably in awhile.

Labor signs?: thankfully none yet

Belly button in or out?: the northwest portion is an outie while the southeast portion remains in

What I miss: having the option of sleeping on my tummy

What I'm looking forward to: moving into a place where I can start decorating a nursery for this little guy

Milestone: I am approaching the beginning of my third trimester......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiny wardrobe

I have been picking up cute baby boy clothes when I find great deals! Here is a photo of our son's tiny wardrobe to date :) After dropping my Aunt Becky off at the Austin airport this afternoon I made a bee line for the Round Rock outlet mall. Carter's was having a great sale and I had a coupon! I still must admit that there is a lot more variety offered for girls. I kept drifting over to the pinks but had to remind myself that I need to familiarize myself with BLUE! Emma was very helpful today. She started throwing every little boy onesie into the stroller today. She would say "For boy, for boy...." She also found a cool toy. I said "Emma, you have plenty of toys at home." She replied, "For boy!" She is so thoughtul about "BOY"!
I got 7 baby boy outfits, a "Big Sister" t shirt and a pair of pjs for Emma...all for $40! I then went over to The Children's Place and got Emma 3 long sleeve solid shirts, a hoodie and a pair of jeans for $20 - I'm well on my way to having her Fall wardrobe complete. Can you believe that 4T shirts fit her? The jeans look like big kid ones :(

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tonight we had a surprise party celebrating my parents' 30th wedding anniversary! Hosts included my brother Joseph & sister-in-law Natalie, cousin Chass & her hubby Rene and ourselves. The get together was at Johnny's BBQ banquet hall in Salado. Lots of friends and family came and it was a fun time! Above is a picture of my parents arriving. My mom accidentely found out this week but my dad had no clue!

I LOVE planning parties!! Below is a picture of a table with their wedding album, cake topper and other decorations.

The table centerpiece was a plastic boot mug with the yellow rose of Texas! We used simple checkered table cloths.

My parents have set such a wonderful example of what God truly intends for marriage. I appreciate everything they have done for us! They leave on Tuesday for a trip to Peru!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ten year reunion

We spent the last couple of days in Dallas for the annual Texas FFA state convention. We enjoyed reuniting with Jarrod's state office team. They celebrated ten years!

Here are Emma and Macy making silly faces! Their daddies were state officers together and this was the first time the girls had met. They are 3 weeks apart in age and greatly enjoyed one another's company!

Here is a photo I captured of Emma resting peacefully in her own queen size bed! Ahhhh how we have enjoyed all of the sinfully comfy hotel beds during our travels this summer! I told Jarrod that all I want for Christmas is to create a hotel bed of our own (plush down comforter, pillows that you can sink your head into, etc)!

The guys were recognized on stage for their ten year reunion! We also got to attend a VIP breakfast and lunch. There were even a couple of gentlemen who served as state officers from 1949!!

We had a fun time and can't wait to get together for their 20th reunion..........

I Am...

I borrowed a blog idea from my friend, Marie, titled "The I Am Poem."

I am: horribly falling behind on my work hours ~ it doesn't help being in and out of town so much the first half of the summer!

I think: it is crazy hot outside!!

I want: to go back to Jamaica someday.

I have: the best full time job in the world (stay at home mom)!

I wish: bad things didn't happen to good people :(

I miss: my house in Stillwater, OK.

I fear: the swine flu

I feel: overwhelmed with housework

I hear: The Elmo in Grouchland movie

I smell: nothing specific

I crave: chicken tenders and gravy with corn fritters

I search: for a place to live next year....

I wonder: when the first chilly Fall day will come (not fast enough)!

I understand: that God has a master plan (although sometimes it is hard to be patient)!

I regret: not getting my degree in education

I ache: no where at the moment (but usually my sciatic nerve bothers me at night time).

I care: what others think (too much)!

I always: buy something when I enter Target.

I am not: as positive as I should be

I believe: the children are our future.......

I dance: and Emma laughs at me :)

I sing: in church

I cry: at the drop of a hat while pregnant

I worry: CONSTANTLY...about something...about anything....about everything.

I don't always: fold clothes right when they come out of the dryer

I fight: the laundry battle

I write: loads of greeting cards....I'm addicted....

I have never: smoked

I need: a money tree

I am happy about: a baby boy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are thrilled that a little boy will be joining the Smith household this Fall. Before our appointment on Monday morning we took one last guess. Jarrod & I were both pretty convinced "it" was a girl, but Emma kept saying "boy, boy, boy"! The sonogram went really well. The technician was very thorough and spent plenty of time explaining the cute "blob" on the screen. Jarrod & Emma got to watch for the first few minutes while I laid on the bed with goo on my tummy. I was so antsy to see but from my view I could not :( Finally, she asked "Do you want to know the gender if I can see it?" Of course I said yes! (side note: I think it's really neat that some new parents choose to let it be a surprise, but once you're to that point and someone can you not want to know?!) She said the words "it's a little boy" and I was shocked! I was relieved that we will have one girl and one boy (and there won't be pressure on the gender of baby #3!) On the other hand, I am a little clueless about baby boys. I have a lot to learn :) Our families are VERY female heavy, so this will help balance things out a little! Baby boy Smith was moving all around....he was opening his mouth, putting his tiny hands on his face and kicking his sweet legs! We were disappointed with the way the sonogram pictures turned out. The best one is featured above. I don't think that we will do 3D/4D pics this time, so that was our only sneak peak before the big day!
Since we were already in Waco, I scheduled my monthly prenatal check up for the same day. Dr. Wang is great, but I have become a little irritated with the length of wait time. Since Hillcrest is in a transition period the hospital is located approximately 15 miles from where her office still is. When someone goes into labor or surgery is running behind, Dr Wang runs late. I have never been seen less than an HOUR beyond my scheduled appointment time. It seems much longer with a 2 yr old along for the fun. Having a toddler in a quiet waiting room is very similar to a bull in a china closet! Yesterday we literally waited over THREE hours before I was seen. It's pretty comical because the actual examination takes 3 minutes!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence day

We had a fun filled Independence day weekend. On Friday afternoon we spent time at my in laws' house. Emma got to splash around in a kiddy pool while we enjoyed lots of tasty treats that Ed cooked on the grill...bacon wrappd shrimp, chicken, and other goodies! On Friday evening we went to the rodeo in Belton. Emma really had a good time and loved seeing all of the animals. On Saturday morning we went to the annual Belton parade with my parents. Yes, we had matching flag shirts....and got one good family picture before the sweat over took things! We had yummy hamburgers for lunch then headed to the movies to see Ice Age 3. It was pretty cute and Emma is a fan :) On Saturday evening we went to watch the Temple fireworks display after dark. Wow, it's still SO HOT...even after the sun goes goes :( Today we went to church and took Jarrod's dady out for lunch as a belated a Father's day celebration.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming cousins

This afternoon Kirsten & Zachary (J's cousins) came to visit and swim! Zachary is almost 16 months old and is such a cutie :) Thank goodness for a nice cool swimming pool in this Texas heat!