Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiny wardrobe

I have been picking up cute baby boy clothes when I find great deals! Here is a photo of our son's tiny wardrobe to date :) After dropping my Aunt Becky off at the Austin airport this afternoon I made a bee line for the Round Rock outlet mall. Carter's was having a great sale and I had a coupon! I still must admit that there is a lot more variety offered for girls. I kept drifting over to the pinks but had to remind myself that I need to familiarize myself with BLUE! Emma was very helpful today. She started throwing every little boy onesie into the stroller today. She would say "For boy, for boy...." She also found a cool toy. I said "Emma, you have plenty of toys at home." She replied, "For boy!" She is so thoughtul about "BOY"!
I got 7 baby boy outfits, a "Big Sister" t shirt and a pair of pjs for Emma...all for $40! I then went over to The Children's Place and got Emma 3 long sleeve solid shirts, a hoodie and a pair of jeans for $20 - I'm well on my way to having her Fall wardrobe complete. Can you believe that 4T shirts fit her? The jeans look like big kid ones :(


  1. You are such a good shopper, we need to go sometime together. I am glad your baby boy wardrobe is expanding and I am sure it will continue.

  2. Oh, the joy of the outlet mall. I would live there if they had a bed for me. I live for their sales!