Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our 2 yr old - the comedian!

When our children were babies we couldn't wait until they could crawl....then walk....then talk! Now that Emma can talk she keeps us laughing all day long! Her vocabulary is gigantic and she often surprises us with what she knows. This weekend we were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden Emma pointed at something and yelled "Look, Geico"! She was referring to a pair of toy binoculars. (She thought they looked like the eyes on top of the money stack on the commercials).

As we traveled in the car through Temple yesterday morning I was so thankful to have my own tour guide on board! Emma is very quick to recognize where we are geographically. Here is what I heard from the back seat: "Look mama, mall - play?!! Kiples (pickes at Mazzios), Applebees, Igdodas (McD's), pancakes (Ihop), COW (Chick fil A)!!!

Yesterday we were at Target and Emma wanted to get out of the basket and walk. Since I did not want to chase her, I told her no. She then asked "Why not"? I said "Where did you learn that?" and she simply responded with a loud giggle :)

Last week while in Dallas we visited our friend Trent at the W hotel. Upon our departure Emma spotted the same hotel from the interstate. She yelled "Look, W"! She then continued on and said "blue lights...hop hop". There were blue lights on the floor and she had hopped over each one and liked the way they looked through her clear shoes.

In the mornings she will prance into our room and order us to "get up, get up"!!

She has become rather touchy about ownership. If I dare touch something that belongs to her daddy she firmly tells me "hey, that's daddy's"! If I am cleaning up the house and start organizing her toys she reminds me that "hey, that's Emma's!" She keeps an eye on EVERYthing!!


  1. I am pretty sure that our girls should be friends! They sound alot alike! Kendall is my little tour guide around Temple too!!! Emma sounds like a bundle of laughs!

  2. Gotta love 2 year olds. Just wait til she has her little brother around and all the things she will say then.