Friday, July 10, 2009

I Am...

I borrowed a blog idea from my friend, Marie, titled "The I Am Poem."

I am: horribly falling behind on my work hours ~ it doesn't help being in and out of town so much the first half of the summer!

I think: it is crazy hot outside!!

I want: to go back to Jamaica someday.

I have: the best full time job in the world (stay at home mom)!

I wish: bad things didn't happen to good people :(

I miss: my house in Stillwater, OK.

I fear: the swine flu

I feel: overwhelmed with housework

I hear: The Elmo in Grouchland movie

I smell: nothing specific

I crave: chicken tenders and gravy with corn fritters

I search: for a place to live next year....

I wonder: when the first chilly Fall day will come (not fast enough)!

I understand: that God has a master plan (although sometimes it is hard to be patient)!

I regret: not getting my degree in education

I ache: no where at the moment (but usually my sciatic nerve bothers me at night time).

I care: what others think (too much)!

I always: buy something when I enter Target.

I am not: as positive as I should be

I believe: the children are our future.......

I dance: and Emma laughs at me :)

I sing: in church

I cry: at the drop of a hat while pregnant

I worry: CONSTANTLY...about something...about anything....about everything.

I don't always: fold clothes right when they come out of the dryer

I fight: the laundry battle

I write: loads of greeting cards....I'm addicted....

I have never: smoked

I need: a money tree

I am happy about: a baby boy!

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  1. I love these things cause I get to know you better :)