Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Game

This morning Emma played her final Pre T ball game.  She was the cutest player on the field :)  She looks forward to being on a "big girl" team next year...

Coach Smith is ready to hang up his whistle for awhile....well, for at least a couple of years anyway ;) 

The Giants had a great season!!  What a sweet bunch :)  Each player improved and became much more comfotable with the game as time progressed.

We are so thankful for such supportive and involved grandparents.  Emma is a lucky little girl :)

Splash Pad

The Summer temps are here to stay for awhile.  This week we took our first trip to the splash pad in Temple for the year!  Owen is the perfect age for it and would barely stand still long enough for me to apply sunscreen :) 

Emma was a little reluctant at first because the water was FREEZING!  It didn't take her long to start having fun!

What a great solution to a hot day :)  I'm sure we will make frequent trips here over the next few months.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Precious Cargo

We have been enjoying sunny afternoons outside.  The kids love the gator and today tried a new way to ride :)   

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dance Recital

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!" ~Constanze

This morning Emma performed in her dance studio's 19th annual recital, "Dance, Love, Sing". This was Emma's third recital and she did a fabulous job!! The hair, make up, glitter and costume are definitely among the many perks of having a little girl! She slept in sponge rollers last night and fortunately it was a success!

Here she is with a couple of her fellow dancers (Peyton & Parker). 

This year Emma's class got to perform both a ballet AND a tap routine for the first time and I think she loved the extra stage time!!

We are so proud of of our best girl!  She was very lucky to have many family members and friends there to support her. 

Emma has enjoyed all of her activies throughout the school year but looks forward to a break this Summer!  She plans to go to the beach, take swimming lessons, attend VBS and Yoe mini cheer camp again.  She is excited about starting two new extra curricular activities this Fall so stay tuned :) 

Here are the blog posts from the past two recital years.  Can't believe how much she has grown:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nineteen months in photos

Owen is nineteen months old today!  We love him to pieces :)

"A perfect summer day to a little boy means, a scrape on the knee, mud on his face and collecting bugs in garden." ~ Unknown

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farewell to Preschool (part two)

Emma has lots of fun memories from preschool.  In the Fall the church had a pumpkin patch.  The kiddos enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful pumpkins, in all colors and shapes! 

They also got to enjoy story time and each took a cute tiny pumpkin home!

One chilly day in late January they had pajama day! 

They had a "pillow" fight (below) and even got to watch a short movie and enjoy pop corn and hot chocolate! 

Right before Spring break they took a short field trip with the Pre K class (within walking distance) to the post office. 

Each child sent a letter to their home address. You can imagine the excitement when it arrived in our mailbox the very next day :)

This Spring they got a visit from a fire truck!  Emma loves to point them out now and always shouts "Oh no, there must be an 'imergecy'"!   

I'm not quite sure what this apparatus is, but evidently Emma was interested! 

Although it is very bittersweet (mostly for her mama) that she is done with preschool, we look forward to Pre K days with Ms. Glory!  We are going to enjoy a fun filled family Summer but stay tuned for more school posts coming this Fall :)

Farewell to Preschool (part one)

Today we bid a sweet farewell to the preschool days.  What a blessing this year has been!  Our main goals were for Emma to get a feel for a school routine, take instruction from a teacher, develop friendship with kiddos her age and to learn as much as possible.  I feel like she accomplished all of those things and much more!  A preschool teacher must possess the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindess, goodness and faithfulness Gal 5:22) and Mrs. Susan is the perfect example!  She is wonderful and we appreciate her so much :)

I now have a huge folder full of Emma's precious crafts and handwriting samples.  Some of what she learned this year includes opposites, counting by 10's, and what food is (and is not) good for her body.  The students rotated jobs each day (line leader, door holder, caboose etc.).  It doesn't surprise me that her favorite job was line leader :)  They also took turns doing the weather and day of the month.  I will never forget the first meal at home that she volulnteered to pray for.  The sweetest voice said "God is great, God is good.  Let us thank him for our food.  Amen."  She also learned some of the Lord's Prayer and we will continue to work on that this Summer. 

Emma loved her classmates!  Here she is today with a couple of besties, Bailey and Andy (our carpool buddy!) 

Mrs. Susan gave each student a cd full of great photos she took throughout the year!  I'd like to share a few:

The most beautiful preschooler in the whole wide world:

What's preschool without a little play dough?!

Easter egg hunting:

Fun with shaving cream (can you imagine twelve 4 yr olds doing this?):

Practically Picasso:

"Let the little children come to me...." Matthew 19:14

Another post to follow.....

Friday, May 13, 2011


My dad often tells me I need a minivan.  Of course with all the car seats, strollers, t ball equipment, dance shoes and children I store there is probably some logic to his suggestion.  However, I refuse!  This video makes me giggle every time.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011


Mother's Day Quiz by Emma:

My mom is special because she is my favorite mom.

I like it when my mom cleans my room.

My mom can do many things!  I think she's best at cleaning the house. 

My mom has a pretty smile!  I like to make her smile by making funny faces.

My mom is as pretty as a cutie pie!

My mom is smart!  She even knows how to pray! 

Jarrod and the kids made Mother's Day very special as usual.  Jarrod made breakfast and then we watched the annual video he makes....always a tear jerker!  I received a dozen and a half beautiful pink roses (my fav!) and a couple of priceless cards made by Emma at preschool and church.  We visited with my mother-in-law on Saturday and my mom yesterday at lunch.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful and supportive mothers in our lives. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Each year I "surprise" Katy with a slideshow of pictures from the previous year. I wanted to share this year's slideshow with those of you that keep up with the blog. Katy, thank you for all you do. To all the Moms and special ladies who might read this blog - thank you for your tireless dedication to your families. Happy Mother's Day!

song by Jason Matthews