Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farewell to Preschool (part two)

Emma has lots of fun memories from preschool.  In the Fall the church had a pumpkin patch.  The kiddos enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful pumpkins, in all colors and shapes! 

They also got to enjoy story time and each took a cute tiny pumpkin home!

One chilly day in late January they had pajama day! 

They had a "pillow" fight (below) and even got to watch a short movie and enjoy pop corn and hot chocolate! 

Right before Spring break they took a short field trip with the Pre K class (within walking distance) to the post office. 

Each child sent a letter to their home address. You can imagine the excitement when it arrived in our mailbox the very next day :)

This Spring they got a visit from a fire truck!  Emma loves to point them out now and always shouts "Oh no, there must be an 'imergecy'"!   

I'm not quite sure what this apparatus is, but evidently Emma was interested! 

Although it is very bittersweet (mostly for her mama) that she is done with preschool, we look forward to Pre K days with Ms. Glory!  We are going to enjoy a fun filled family Summer but stay tuned for more school posts coming this Fall :)

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