Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Smiths

Happy Halloween from the Super Smiths! 

After last year's costumes it took me a long while to determine what the kids would be this year.  Oh and just for fun, look at my itty bitties two trick-or-treats ago.  Emma was super happy to be "Supergirl" and chose the red/blue to match Owen over the hot pink option.  Her only big request was to wear face glitter. 

This "Supergirl pose" was all Emma.  Somehow she picked up this stance and did it almost every time she saw the camera pointed in her direction.

The kids were able to wear these costumes to gymnastics, our church Fall festival, our morning playdate and of course, to trick or treat. 

We were thrilled to be a part of our first hayride!  Our Sunday School class organized it and invited us to tag along.  This was extra appreciated since Coach Daddy had to work.  All of our fellow riders had great costumes.  Here is a group photo:

Sweet coaching/church friends: Princess Leia, another princess, Super Woman and Cleopatra:

This was Owen's first year to go door to door and he had so much fun! He quickly got the hang of what this gig was all about. He really wanted to go inside everyone's front door. I'm afraid that now he will expect candy at every house we visit :)

We are so thankful for our Superkids and hope that they have wonderful memories of fun holidays!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your engines!!

This weekend we hosted Owen's big birthday celebration at my parents' new house in McGregor. 

For months I was puzzled on a theme.  He didn't seem to show special favor of any specific cartoon character or toy.  When Emma turned two she was crazy about Elmo....there was no doubt about it!  Finally, we discovered that Owen loves Disney's Cars!  His daddy bought the first movie on a shopping trip and ever since he has begged to watch it almost daily!!  It's really the only thing he will sit still for for long stretches of time.  Inside we served 'brakelight brisket', 'battery beans' (thanks Gpa), 'Piston cup potatoes' (thanks Lita) and 'Race Day Rolls'. 

I had fun putting together all of the decorations and details but I am convinced that there is never enough time to set up! 

'Stoplights' and 'Pit Crew Favors' for our special guests

Among the 'Refueling Station' options there were 'Mater's Motor Oil' (iced tea), 'Wingo's Windshield Wiper Fluid' (blue kool aid) and Horsepower H20 (water bottles). 

Outside we served 'Speedway Sweets' (cupcakes around a race track) and chocolate dip sticks (dipped pretzel rods).  The birthday boy sure has a sweet tooth!!

My sweet friend Stephanie was patient enough to help me make these coordinating party outfits.  I won't even pretend to tell you how many pictures we took to get a decent pose of these two!  :)

It was such a beautiful evening!

Friends Kaylee, Emma and Noelle worked very diligently at the 'bodyshop'.  Each kiddo get to paint their very own wooden car!

This was the third time Owen got to blow out candles during his birthday week.  He finally got the hang of it but just couldn't blow quite hard enough!  He sure loves cupcakes :)  (Note: He even loves cornbread if we tell him it's a cupcake!)

And this is his best cupcake face....

Three generations of Smiths

Owen loves all of his new little boy toys!  He enjoyed trying out his new Lightening McQueen power ride!!

Owen had a great time....even without taking his usual afternoon nap!  We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and family members who traveled so far to help celebrate our sweet boy :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Construction Celebration

This evening we hosted a small gathering to celebrate Owen's birthday!

The theme was colorful construction vehicles.  I just love these polka dot balloons!

The JV game got moved to Cameron last minute so Daddy even got to join us for a quick dinner break!

Owen has such a sweet tooth and couldn't resist the cake balls in the Tonka truck!!

It didn't take him long to figure out how to unwrap gifts today!  He loves his fun new little boy toys!

All of the cute party kids....

We are so thankful for wonderful fellow coaching families.  A big THANKS to them for coming by to celebrate with us!

Terrifically TWO!


"A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender,
but you don't have a top for it". ~Jerry Seinfeld

A few firsts this past month include driving the gator solo, riding a pony and participating in high school homecoming events.


At his annual check up he weighed 26.14 lbs (35th percentile), measured 33.93" tall (40th perc) and his head was in the 93rd perc. He was such a good boy at the clinic but was rather hesitant to sit on the huge plastic elephant examination table! Once we finally got him to warm up to it his sweet big sister took it upon herself to hold his hand during the entire exam. He had a flu shot, his final hepatitis immunization and blood drawn. Since his speech was recently evaluated by ECI Dr. Dewbre didn't seem overly concerned and is okay with us keeping on eye on him for the next few months in hopes that it improves. 

He is still enjoying gymnastics every Monday afternoon!  He seems to like Coach Ky and even chose to sit beside him instead of his own mama during stretches this week.  His attention span is lasting a tiny bit longer and his coach even bragged that he is participating very well :)  His separation anxiety still exists on occasion but we are seeing improvement when it is a familiar environment.  He is definitely a mama's boy.

His sleep habits are much only took two years (haha)!  His daily nap has been moved to the afternoon.  He naps like a champ....even five solid hours on occasion :)  Fortunately the lengthy naps don't seem to effect his night time sleep.  He often wakes up one or two times each night.  He still doesn't eat a lot but since his height/weight ratio is right on track we will discontinue the whole milk, Pediasure and Polyvisol drops.  Instead he now has gummy vitamins and 2% milk!

Daddy has his last out of town JV game tonight but we were excited to have a short lunchtime celebration together!  We enjoyed DQ and cupcakes :)  Owen opened his gifts from his parents which included a Disney Cars figurine playset and a collection of Kaskey Kids football guys. 

Emma sprung out of bed this morning ready to sing the birthday song before carpool came.  She has also informed me today that he needs to give up the paci, shouldn't have to nap anymore and should start using the potty.....all because he turns two today.  If only it was that easy!  She was so excited for him to open the gift she chose for him.....a Cars potty!!  It evens revs its engine when flushed!  Oh my word...not sure if I'm ready for this challenge again!

Dear Owen,

You are TWO today!!  How did that happen so fast?  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was admiring your tiny newborn toes in the hospital.  Other times it's hard for me to remember life before you.  This morning you enjoyed mini chocolate doughnuts for breakfast and watched your favorite movie (Disney's Cars) almost twice in a row!  It has been such a huge blessing to watch you transform from a tiny toddler into a wonderful big boy over the past year!   

Even though you don't talk very much, your single word vocabulary is expanding quickly.  You really amaze us at little things you pick up on.  You already have a great sense of humor!  You adore your big sister and want to do everything she does.  You are happy as long as long as you don't have to sit still, stay in a shopping cart or car seat for very long. 

You don't eat very much at all but you are growing and developing perfectly!  You are finally sleeping better at night and you are a champion napper.  You definitely need your rest with all of the climbing, running and jumping you do.

You are ALL boy!  It is amazing to see the gender differences unfold in you compared to your sister.  You have the best truck sound!  You can be so rough and tumble but at other times you are the BEST cuddler.  Your big hugs and kisses melt my heart.  You love to sing and dance to a beat.  Your big smile can light up a room and the silliest things make you giggle forever.  You love playing and watching ball games on TV with your dada.  If you are tired, mad, hurt or just need an extra hug you want your mama. 

You have shown me that I can multitask better than I had ever imagined!  There is such a priceless special bond between mothers and sons and I am so lucky to have you!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Pictures

Yesterday we took a trip to the First United Methodist Church of Georgetown to visit their pumpkin patch.  We took along our carpool pal, Andy and his fabulous photographer mama Lisa.  You can view her work here.  Thanks Lisa for making my cute and uncooperative kids look good!!

This is my favorite time of year!  While at the patch we claimed #6 & 7 pumpkins (both green) for the front porch.  I think I finally have the perfect pumpkin pictures :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Weekend

As much as I was (really) dreading the big 3-0, I had the BEST birthday weekend!!  I am blessed with so many thoughtful friends and family members.  I am so thankful for every message, call and card.  I love hearing from people I don't talk to often enough!  My actual birthday was on Friday.  Game days are crazy busy days around the Smith household.  We attended the pep rally and football game.  I mopped, folded laundry and prepared lunch....ahh the joys of being a grown up ;)  I made myself rent a movie just so I can say I did something out of the ordinary.  I watched 'Something Borrowed' which was based around the main character's 30th birthday.  It was pretty cute.  My parents came early before the game and took me out to eat and brought cupcakes.  Our Yoemen played an exciting game and WON in the last few minutes!  Afterward at our usual coaches family gathering a couple of my fellow wives surprised me with yummy treats (fancy cupcakes and a home made peach cobbler).

Saturday morning we had a crazy early soccer game.   Jarrod and I had planned to head to Waco later to celebrate my bday.  We took our time heading that way but finally dropped the kiddos off at my parents'.  Our first stop was the mall.  I seriously needed a pedicure.  After some quick browsing we headed for Best Buy (to pick out an upgraded lens for my Nikon camera).  On the way my Aunt Donna called to ask if we could swing by her craft shop to look at something.  She pretended to show me something and as soon as we went around a corner I heard "SURPRISE"!!!  Oh. my. word. There was a long table with 23 of my favorite people in the world!!  I was speechless!  There were people I hadn't seen in over a year.  I am still in awe that so many would travel so many miles to be in attendance for me.  I am one lucky gal!  Enjoy the pics :)

My mom

My Dad

My (little) brother

Some of our coaching staff families (the Webbs & O'Keefes)

Some of my favorite mommy friends (I met Sandra & Stephanie during our days in Riesel. We were involved in Stroller Strides & playgroup when our first borns were itty bitties. Now we each have a second child!)

My beautiful cousin Chassati (who also turned 30 this year!)

Fellow coach's wives (Ashley, Tanya & I all have young kiddos.  They are lifesavers, especially during this time of year!)

My sweet husband (who I have now known for HALF of my life!)

My besties (Lauren, Mandy & I met during Summer 2000 and then were college roomies for 3 yrs)

Check out my cake!!  Isn't it adorable?  It was totally yummy too!

On Sunday my mom made lunch (and birthday pies)! 

It turns out that thirty isn't so bad afterall.  I am truly blessed and have a lot to be thankful for :)  Thanks to each of you who made my birthday one that I will never forget.....