Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we visited the pumpkin patch.  We enjoyed the day with another coaching family (we missed the daddies but they were hard at work).  This was our third can see 2010 here and 2009 here!  It was a little warm but perfect in the shade! I'm glad the triple digit heat is over but wish the temps would drop even lower :) Although the scenery and experience were festive and fun for the kiddos, I was rather disappointed in the pumpkin assortment this year. Unfortunately the pumpkin (and Christmas tree) crop have greatly suffered from the draught. The size and variety were definitely effected.  Emma's favorite part of the day was riding a pony. 

Owen also got to take his very first ride :)

It has become especially difficult to snap a decent photo of the kids together.  So, here's what I got....

I was a little nervous about taking Owen right in the middle of his usual naptime, but he surprised me and actually did very well :)  He especially enjoyed pulling the wagons around while his mama shopped for the perfect front porch pumpkin....


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