Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Weekend

As much as I was (really) dreading the big 3-0, I had the BEST birthday weekend!!  I am blessed with so many thoughtful friends and family members.  I am so thankful for every message, call and card.  I love hearing from people I don't talk to often enough!  My actual birthday was on Friday.  Game days are crazy busy days around the Smith household.  We attended the pep rally and football game.  I mopped, folded laundry and prepared lunch....ahh the joys of being a grown up ;)  I made myself rent a movie just so I can say I did something out of the ordinary.  I watched 'Something Borrowed' which was based around the main character's 30th birthday.  It was pretty cute.  My parents came early before the game and took me out to eat and brought cupcakes.  Our Yoemen played an exciting game and WON in the last few minutes!  Afterward at our usual coaches family gathering a couple of my fellow wives surprised me with yummy treats (fancy cupcakes and a home made peach cobbler).

Saturday morning we had a crazy early soccer game.   Jarrod and I had planned to head to Waco later to celebrate my bday.  We took our time heading that way but finally dropped the kiddos off at my parents'.  Our first stop was the mall.  I seriously needed a pedicure.  After some quick browsing we headed for Best Buy (to pick out an upgraded lens for my Nikon camera).  On the way my Aunt Donna called to ask if we could swing by her craft shop to look at something.  She pretended to show me something and as soon as we went around a corner I heard "SURPRISE"!!!  Oh. my. word. There was a long table with 23 of my favorite people in the world!!  I was speechless!  There were people I hadn't seen in over a year.  I am still in awe that so many would travel so many miles to be in attendance for me.  I am one lucky gal!  Enjoy the pics :)

My mom

My Dad

My (little) brother

Some of our coaching staff families (the Webbs & O'Keefes)

Some of my favorite mommy friends (I met Sandra & Stephanie during our days in Riesel. We were involved in Stroller Strides & playgroup when our first borns were itty bitties. Now we each have a second child!)

My beautiful cousin Chassati (who also turned 30 this year!)

Fellow coach's wives (Ashley, Tanya & I all have young kiddos.  They are lifesavers, especially during this time of year!)

My sweet husband (who I have now known for HALF of my life!)

My besties (Lauren, Mandy & I met during Summer 2000 and then were college roomies for 3 yrs)

Check out my cake!!  Isn't it adorable?  It was totally yummy too!

On Sunday my mom made lunch (and birthday pies)! 

It turns out that thirty isn't so bad afterall.  I am truly blessed and have a lot to be thankful for :)  Thanks to each of you who made my birthday one that I will never forget.....

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