Sunday, June 30, 2013

Under the Big Top

This weekend was Emma's dance recital, 'Under the Big Top'.  The morning started early with hair, make up and glitter :) 

She posed herself for this one!  She really isn't crazy about the weekly practicing part but she sure loves to perform :)

Emma and fellow ballerina beauties; Seline, Ashanti and Jayda!  Their ballet number was to "Puppet on a String".  

Jazz was her absolute favorite!!  This one was to "Do You Believe in Magic?"

Most of the group right before going on stage :)

Our happy girl :)  (Don't worry, her daddy made her remove the makeup shortly after we returned home.  I think it made him nervous that she looked so grown up!)

Dancers in action....

Coaches' kids (Vivian and Emma)

Their tap routine was to "Inside the Pocket of a Clown".  

Owen presented his favorite big sister with flowers and a balloon when her name was called.

He was thrilled that she received a trophy for participation and insisted on helping her hold it for the photo ;)

Way to go Emma!  Another job well done :)  We are so proud of you and love you lots!

The four of us :)

A walk down recital memory lane....

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."  ~Unknown

Friday, June 21, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

Our Summer schedule is packed full of all kinds of fun right after the other.  The first thing on the agenda was two weeks of early morning swimming lessons at the Huntsville city pool!  The kiddos did a great job.  Emma attempted private lessons a couple of years ago but was determined to not get her face wet.  This time she was 100% more cooperative and willing to learn.  She has such a competitive spirit and I knew she would do well in a class setting.

The beginner class consisted of eight kiddos total.  Emma was the oldest and Owen was the youngest.  He is so brave and adventurous!  He listened carefully and was full of energy!!  He waited patiently for his turn and cheered his friends on when it was their turn.  He definitely had his teachers wrapped around his little finger.  They loved him :)

He even won the biggest bubble blowing contest on the first day!  His swim teachers said that he had the best swim form, especially with kicking.  Now we just need to work on making his swim arms move the right direction!  Look for him in the Summer Olympics 2028!

Splashing around!  One of their favorite activities was diving for rings and playing "Ring around the rosie.....we all blow bubbles!"

The whole group on the last day

My favorite little guppies :) 

The kids with their swim teachers, Madison, Shelby and Leslie.  They were so sweet to make cupcakes and goody bags for their little swimmers.  They did a wonderful job with the kiddos and I appreciate their patience and encouragement.

Some treats for our teachers (Thanks, Pinterest!!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Owen's first trip to the dentist

Here is a story I won't soon forget.  

Approximately ten minutes after they went to bed last Tuesday the kids ran into the living room screaming with excitement!!  It took us a few moments to make sense and determine that Owen had lost a tooth.  

The entire thing was gone.  Just like that.

I couldn't bring myself to even look and I was so glad that daddy was home.  He handles those situations much better than Owen's squeamish mama.

We tore the room apart, shook bed sheets and checked pajamas but no sign of that sweet baby tooth.  Daddy said that the tooth fairy wouldn't visit unless we found it.  Emma claims he was biting a stuffed animal at the time it happened and then she heard a 'clicking' noise.

We didn't know exactly what to do.  This is when a "what to do when....." parenting handbook would have come in handy :)  He never seemed to be in pain and was super proud to have lost a tooth before his big sister!  He seemed fine so we sent our boy back to bed...this time with one less tooth.

We were able to schedule an exam with a pediatric dentist about 36 hours later.  Although it definitely wasn't under the best circumstances, he did a great job!  The waiting room was completely kid friendly equipped with touch screen games, movies and more.  Hygienist Ava was so welcoming and took him back alone to be examined.  He was so cooperative and well behaved.  The missing tooth was his left lateral incisor.  From x rays Dr. Frazier determined that the root had been weakened through prior trauma.  She thinks he must have bitten the stuffed animal just the right wrong way to cause it to extract.  (Note: He had fallen at school about six months ago and we knew it involved the tooth above it.  Apparently it also involved this tooth).  She said that everything looked okay and that she would follow up this Fall to re measure it.  He will also have his first cleaning then (I wanted his first time to be as quick and happy as possible!)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Owen's last day of school

Look who completed his first year of Mother's Day Out!  This is his "silly face" :)

The kiddos celebrated their last day with a water play day!

Splashing around!

Working at the car wash ;)

I'm pretty sure this water table was his favorite...

Sprinkler excitement!

Shaving cream mess

After fun in the sun we had an end of year party.  Emma actually finished school a day before Owen so she was able to attend the festivities :)

One last picture with Owen's teacher, Ms. Candice :)

I can't believe what a difference just nine months makes!  He turned into such a handsome big boy.   He learned so much, gained more independence and and gained some sweet little friends this year.  We are going to relax this Summer but look forward to returning to Discovery Days Preschool this fall.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Happy HALF birthday to Emma!!   She is very sweet, energetic, independent, clever, imaginative, helpful, highly creative, bossy rule enforcing, competitive, bubbly and is the best big sister ever. 

She makes friends easily and has such a kind heart.  She enjoys reading, dancing, drawing, being outdoors, Wii Sports, playing Barbies and with Kelly, her beloved American Girl doll.  Her favorite color changes by the day.

She now stands exactly four feet tall and weights 58 pounds.  She wears size 2 shoe and size 6X clothes.

She has a lot to look forward to this Summer and we are so thankful to spend some extra time with her!


Day of week - Saturday (because we get to sleep on the air mattress!)
Food - broccoli & pizza
Number: Six (because that's my age!)
Why do you want to grow up? So I can be a teacher!
Sonic Happy Hour treat - root beer
Friend - Alyssa & Owen
What are you good at?  Hoolahooping
What is the best thing about Summer? swimming
Restaurant: Taco Cabana
Activity: Playing outside
TV show - Doc McStuffins (on Disney Jr)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten Celebration

Kindergarten Celebration "Sailing Into First Grade" was held on Tuesday afternoon.  The class of 2025 performed three memorable songs and then we all enjoyed ice cream floats.  Emma is in the top left corner with hot pink sunglasses.  

Excited about her promotion certificate!

The four of us :)

Thanks for coming Lita!  We love you!

Ms. Thornton has been such a blessing to us this year!  Oh how I wish I could bribe her to move up to 1st grade with us ;)  She is that wonderful!  She welcomed Emma into a new community and school with open arms and was loving, patient and kind to all of her students.  She made them a 'Snapshots of Kindergarten' memory book that is as sweet as can be.  I will keep it forever and ever :)

Last Day of Kindergarten

Wednesday was Emma's very last day of Kindergarten.  What an unforgettable year!!  To officially welcome summertime we celebrated with a luau breakfast :)

Summer treats for everyone!!

First,the kiddos decorated personalized photo frames with foam stickers.

Emma and Leo were so proud of their artwork!  

Last week I asked each child what they want to be when they grow up and took a playground picture for them to decorate.  I giggled at the priceless variety of answers including cow girl, ninja, monkey and anthropologist.  Someday the city of Trinity may even have its own police force full of energetic little boys from the class :)  Emma has always wanted to be a vet and John Deere tractor mechanic.  Without missing a beat this time she answered 'teacher'.  Most days she comes home from school and plays school with her dolls.  That is how much of an impact Ms. Thornton had :) 

This is a precious group of kiddos and it has been a JOY to watch them and grow and bond over the past nine months.  Emma truly has 14 new best friends and the last day together was bittersweet.  I was SO blessed to be their room mom and loved every minute with these kiddos.

The good Lord knew what he was doing when Emma was assigned to Ms. Thornton's class!!  Words cannot express how wonderful she is.  We gave her a beach bag full of Summer goodies.  The tag said 
"All Year you worked hard to make learning fun, 
So now it's your turn to relax in the sun!"

Jarrod created a fun slideshow for the kids to watch.  They really enjoyed seeing themselves on the big screen and announced everyone's name as the photos appeared!  It seriously takes my breath away to see how much their baby faces have transformed into big kids this year!

What's a luau party without the limbo?!  

Next, they divided up into two relay teams.  They were required to take turns racing to dress up in a grass skirt, a flower lei, a straw hat and cool sunglasses.

Of course little brother made the teams even.  Go Owen go!!

My favorite hula girl :)


Dear Emma, it has been such a blessing to watch you blossom into a sweet and smart young lady.  I just wish it didn't happen so stinkin' fast!  We love you with all our hearts and look forward to enjoying every minute this Summer before you race off to 1st grade!  :)