Friday, June 21, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

Our Summer schedule is packed full of all kinds of fun right after the other.  The first thing on the agenda was two weeks of early morning swimming lessons at the Huntsville city pool!  The kiddos did a great job.  Emma attempted private lessons a couple of years ago but was determined to not get her face wet.  This time she was 100% more cooperative and willing to learn.  She has such a competitive spirit and I knew she would do well in a class setting.

The beginner class consisted of eight kiddos total.  Emma was the oldest and Owen was the youngest.  He is so brave and adventurous!  He listened carefully and was full of energy!!  He waited patiently for his turn and cheered his friends on when it was their turn.  He definitely had his teachers wrapped around his little finger.  They loved him :)

He even won the biggest bubble blowing contest on the first day!  His swim teachers said that he had the best swim form, especially with kicking.  Now we just need to work on making his swim arms move the right direction!  Look for him in the Summer Olympics 2028!

Splashing around!  One of their favorite activities was diving for rings and playing "Ring around the rosie.....we all blow bubbles!"

The whole group on the last day

My favorite little guppies :) 

The kids with their swim teachers, Madison, Shelby and Leslie.  They were so sweet to make cupcakes and goody bags for their little swimmers.  They did a wonderful job with the kiddos and I appreciate their patience and encouragement.

Some treats for our teachers (Thanks, Pinterest!!)

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