Thursday, June 20, 2013

Owen's first trip to the dentist

Here is a story I won't soon forget.  

Approximately ten minutes after they went to bed last Tuesday the kids ran into the living room screaming with excitement!!  It took us a few moments to make sense and determine that Owen had lost a tooth.  

The entire thing was gone.  Just like that.

I couldn't bring myself to even look and I was so glad that daddy was home.  He handles those situations much better than Owen's squeamish mama.

We tore the room apart, shook bed sheets and checked pajamas but no sign of that sweet baby tooth.  Daddy said that the tooth fairy wouldn't visit unless we found it.  Emma claims he was biting a stuffed animal at the time it happened and then she heard a 'clicking' noise.

We didn't know exactly what to do.  This is when a "what to do when....." parenting handbook would have come in handy :)  He never seemed to be in pain and was super proud to have lost a tooth before his big sister!  He seemed fine so we sent our boy back to bed...this time with one less tooth.

We were able to schedule an exam with a pediatric dentist about 36 hours later.  Although it definitely wasn't under the best circumstances, he did a great job!  The waiting room was completely kid friendly equipped with touch screen games, movies and more.  Hygienist Ava was so welcoming and took him back alone to be examined.  He was so cooperative and well behaved.  The missing tooth was his left lateral incisor.  From x rays Dr. Frazier determined that the root had been weakened through prior trauma.  She thinks he must have bitten the stuffed animal just the right wrong way to cause it to extract.  (Note: He had fallen at school about six months ago and we knew it involved the tooth above it.  Apparently it also involved this tooth).  She said that everything looked okay and that she would follow up this Fall to re measure it.  He will also have his first cleaning then (I wanted his first time to be as quick and happy as possible!)

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