Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten Celebration

Kindergarten Celebration "Sailing Into First Grade" was held on Tuesday afternoon.  The class of 2025 performed three memorable songs and then we all enjoyed ice cream floats.  Emma is in the top left corner with hot pink sunglasses.  

Excited about her promotion certificate!

The four of us :)

Thanks for coming Lita!  We love you!

Ms. Thornton has been such a blessing to us this year!  Oh how I wish I could bribe her to move up to 1st grade with us ;)  She is that wonderful!  She welcomed Emma into a new community and school with open arms and was loving, patient and kind to all of her students.  She made them a 'Snapshots of Kindergarten' memory book that is as sweet as can be.  I will keep it forever and ever :)

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