Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hudson at 2 months

Sweet Hudson is two months old!  He is developing such a cute personality.  He now weighs 8 lbs 15.5 oz and has now completely outgrown preemie outfits.  He consumes 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours but would eat all day long if allowed to do so!  He only wakes up twice during the night.
He has physical therapy twice a week at home.  Jenna, his PT, is great!  Hudson is not a fan of tummy time but must do it as often as possible.  He doesn't seem to have much feeling below his belly button.  Jenna explained the importance of stretching out his legs daily.  We are also trying to get him used to the idea of stretching his arm across his body in order to roll over when he is ready.
Although he still snoozes the majority of the day he is starting to stay awake and alert for longer stretches of time.  He sleeps especially well in noisy places and enjoys the music player in his crib.  He has recently decided that his favorite place to nap is on daddy.

He is more content in the carrier pouch than in the stroller when we are out and about.  He is such a good baby :)