Thursday, February 22, 2018

Emma's first cotillion

Emma participated in her first cotillion this month.  The group met four times and then showed their new skills to parents on the final evening.  She learned dance styles {waltz, swing, fox trot, country/western and more}!  She learned basic etiquette, proper introductions and how to carry herself in a variety of social situations.

Participants were encouraged to invite a parent to dance.  Emma is a lucky girl to have such a fun dad!  He busted some moves on the dance floor :)

It's incredibly bittersweet to watch our girl grow up but we are so proud of the young woman she is quickly becoming!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Years in New Mexico

We trekked 11+ hours to Ruidoso, NM to ring in the New Year!  We returned to the cabin we stayed at in early 2013!  Along the way we enjoyed meeting a friend for dinner in Abilene and a quick visit with Memaw in Crosbyton.

We were disappointed that there wasn't any snow in NM {and even more sad that Waco received snow while we were gone!}  Luckily there was some man-made snow on a couple of the slopes so that we could ski!  The first full day we were there we drove up the mountain and enjoyed a gondola ride to the top.  What a view!

On NYE we suited up in our ski gear!  We definitely over packed with warm clothes but ended up not having to use much of it!  Owen was excited about his first time to ski.  

While Emma and Owen started the day with a beginner's class Jarrod and I hit the slopes to refresh our skills!  There were only a couple of lifts open.  The kids did a great job and Owen was a speed demon! 

Before we left the mountain on NYE I briefly stopped by the Ski Apache Adaptive Sports office to inquire about what they offered.  I did not expect for Hudson to benefit from their services this year since I did not call ahead and because he is so young.  But GUESS WHAT?!?  The folks in the SAAS office were so kind and just so happened to have a time slot available the following morning!   

Upon our arrival on New Years Day they had three guys ready for us!  They had a tiny helmet and bi ski that fit Hudson perfectly!  We strapped him in and headed outdoors.  The guys were FABULOUS with him and were willing to stay out as long as he could handle.  Luckily the slopes were not at all crowded and we were able to take Hudson up several times in a row.  It was incredible how they conveniently got him on/off the lift and then glided him down the slope.  He yelled "wheeeee"! and each time our group reached the bottom he said "more"!  He loved it!!  What an unexpected but unforgettable experience it was to have Hudson join our family on the slopes :)

In the SAAS office they had this sweet therapy dog, Leah, who was so gentle and patient with Hudson.  He met a best friend!

Hudson also enjoyed tubing down the kiddy slides at the tube park!

We really enjoyed our time in NM!  We ate lots of dirt pudding, played many rounds of Skip Bo, assembled a puzzle, fed deer in the yard and celebrated the New Year in style!

HAPPY 2018!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Emma's GOLDEN birthday!

This year was Emma Grace's {GOLDEN} birthday!!  That means that she turned 11 on the 11th :)  She is sweet, creative, sensitive, helpful and kind!  She stands 4'10" and Dr. D estimates that she will soon be taller than me!  We can already share size 8.5 shoes and I'm so excited that my collection has grown!

She enjoys volleyball, softball, creating short videos, writing stories and roller skating!  She still takes piano, is involved with the church children's choir and is looking forward to auditioning for the annual Spring musical soon!  She performed in an ensemble in her recent school program and did a great job!  She won first place in her class spelling bee and looks forward to competing in the school-wide bee in mid February!  

Emma cares deeply for the small circle of friends who bring out her very best!  She enjoys family game night and is hard to beat at SkipBo!  

Intermediate school has been great but has been an interesting mix of girl drama, learning responsibility, more challenging academia and questioning why "so and so" can watch/do but she cannot....!!

It isn't often that the two of us get away alone but when we do we have lots of fun!  Emma especially loves shopping at Target, eating at Olive Garden and getting a pedicure (my kind of day)!

Emma has a heart of gold.  She loves fiercely, thinks of others before herself and is a joy to parent. 

If I haven't mentioned lately that she is a WONDERFUL big sister, she IS!!  Her brothers adore her and I love to watch them grow up together.  In a few years we will have our very own babysitter :)

We celebrated at the local skating rink with lots of her favorite friends!!

Current favorites:
Color: turquoise
Day of the week: Saturday
Hobby: creating movies
Friend: Hallie
TV Show: Andy Mack
Movie: Wonder
Book: Wonder
Outfit: Jeans, boots & cute top
Food: pretzels
What do you want to be when you grow up? movie director or actor

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Owen is EIGHT!!

Owen is EIGHT and we think he's really GREAT!!  He now weighs 65 lbs (79th percentile) and stands 4'4" tall (7th perc).  He wears size 8 clothes and size 3 shoes.  He is energetic, inquisitive, hilarious, persistent and entertaining!  He is the life of the party and constantly keeps us on our toes!

We celebrated with friends a week early with a video game party!

He enjoys playing football, baseball, basketball and golf.  He likes spending time in the backyard and playing Xbox.

This past year Owen lost his front four teeth, caught his first shark and started piano lessons.  We are looking forward to his first Christmas recital!

He is enjoying second grade and is keeping very busy with tons of math and spelling homework.  He recently finished speech therapy and won second place in the pumpkin storybook contest!

"Little boys should never be sent to bed.  For they always wake up a day older!!"

    Day of the week:
TV Show: Dallas Cowboy games
Movie: Descendants II 
Song: White Stripes
Color: blue
Hobbby: play football
Food: Ramen noodles
Friend: Chase
Book: The History of the Dallas Cowboys

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hudson's busy September

Hudson has had a busy month and we want to share all about his many adventures!  We are still waiting for cooler temps ;)

Speech is going well.  His vocabulary is expanding and his newest words include shoes, bear, avocado, drink and please (when prompted!)  His favorite thing right now is "carrrrrs".  Anything with wheels is a car to him and his therapist is encouraging us to work on deciphering among car/truck/bus/boat/etc.  So far it's just "carrrrr"!

He has had several medical appointments this month.  His routine ophthalmology follow up went well.  His vision is still great and there have been no big changes.  For now we will continue to monitor and we will patch his left eye two hours per day in hopes of forcing his non dominant (right) eye to strengthen.

We visited Scottish Rite Hospital for the first time.  The primary referral was for orthopedics.  This Spring we confirmed that his left hip is dislocated which causes there to be a significant leg length discrepancy.  The doctor says that nothing will be done about that but that they will keep an eye on the dorsiflexion in his right foot.   We also met with a developmental pediatrician as well as several sweet therapists who fell in love with him :)  After their brief examination they gifted him with a new teddy bear and toy "carrrrr"!  Before we left they encouraged us to visit their orthotics department who graciously allowed us to rent this stander for a year.  He already has the hang of it and it allows him so much freedom and independence!  We also have stationary stander ordered which will allow us the convenience of keeping one stander to school next Fall.

He was molded for a new set of AFOs!  Sure Step seems like the most quality brand so we requested those this time!  We chose a dinosaur pattern since he is really into "dinos" these days!

We met our friend Oliver at the zoo one morning.  These two enjoyed rolling around together!

He has attended numerous football games and does so well!  Here is our sweet little bear cub cheering on the Baylor bears!

One afternoon we visited the Magnolia Silos to grab cupcakes.  He enjoyed swinging with his favorite brother and sister.  What a lucky guy :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hudson is 2.5!

Hudman is two-and-a-half and is sweet as can be :)  He now weighs 27 lbs 4 oz, measures 30.62" long and has a head circumference of 19.12".  He wears size 5 diapers, size 3T clothes and just got his 20th pearly white! 

On 8/13 he enjoyed his first skate!  Our church children's program hosted a 'back to school' night at the local skating rink and he had his own wheels in which to participate! 

He still does PT and OT weekly and works hard to accomplish new goals and skills.  He also recently started speech twice a week.  He loves to stop and visit the fish ("nosh") on the way out each time.

He is a lucky dude to have two helpful siblings who love him like crazy!  They are both his favorites :)  Soon after this photo was taken we found our own similar train table at a garage sale bargain price!  It is a great height for his chair. 

Once upon a time a friendly Starbucks employee offered him whipped cream in a tiny sample cup.  From then on he expects one each time I get a drink at the Target Starbucks.  Silly boy!

Our guy is a great eater and sleeper!  He loves life and brings joy to many.  He especially likes hats, fish, "carrrrrs", books, baths, and dancing. 

He is doing a great job at using his wheelchair.  So far we have taken it to church, medical appointments and the children's museum.  He enjoys exploring on a new level!  He makes new friends everywhere we go.  Many people are impressed to see such a cute little guy maneuvering around so well.  

He loves playing with tracks and automobiles.  He is becoming more vocal and his little personality is coming out!