Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hudson 28 months

Hudson is now 2 years + 4 months old!  He weighs 27 pounds, measures 2'6.5" and his head circumference is 18.9".  He is starting to wear mostly size 3T clothes.  His favorite accessory is a hat!  He is quick to point out when anyone else is wearing a "haT"!

He enjoyed his very first carousel ride on 6/30.  He was enamored with the lights and motion and seemed to enjoy the ride :)

Hudson has enjoyed the pool this Summer and his most recent word is "water"!

Hudson is a wonderful eater, sleeper and shopper!  He prefers to ride like this on our grocery excursions opposed to the front seat!  He is still a consistent napper but must be on his bed (usually will not fall asleep in the car or anywhere else!)

He is a happy guy!  He has recently started growing molars and constantly has his hands shoved in his mouth.  He now has 18 pearly whites!  He has also chewed through must of his soft sippy cup spouts as well as two Wubbabumb pacifiers.  Dad says he isn't getting another one.....

Last month he met one of my best friends' newborn daughter Avery.  When she was crying he instantly rolled over and started patting  and loving on her.  It was the sweetest thing ever :)

Therapy is going well.  Hudson is getting stronger each week!  He especially loves bouncing and balancing on the yoga ball!  He will be reevaluated for speech therapy next month.

Last week Hudson's first wheelchair was officially delivered!  There are a few more adjustments to be made but we are thrilled that it will offer so much more independence, freedom and hands free fun on a higher level like his peers.  Within hours after receiving it he had already taken things off the wall and had gotten into mischief just like any typical two year old!  His smile says it all :)

Friday, July 7, 2017

O Say Can You See

Happy 4th of July!  We spent the day exploring our last few stops in Galveston.  We enjoyed lunch at Fisherman's Wharf on the historic strand.

We stopped at La King's Confectionery and had a front row seat to watch them make fresh peach salt water taffy.  Amazing and delicious!  Hudson had a huge candy selection :)

Patriotic kiddos!

One last photo opportunity in the beach house :)

We drove back to Waco just in time to watch the fireworks show!

Cool dude :)

"For you have been called to live in freedom....use your freedom to serve one another in love." -Galations 5:13

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Carolina Creek 2017

The big kids always look forward to their week at The W!ld!  The main theme was "Foreverland"....
This was Emma's fifth year and Owen's second.  Here's a glimpse at the difference between Emma's first year (2013) and present.

Ready or we come, Carolina Creek!!!!!

Upon arrival we learned that Emma would be in the BEAR cabin and Owen would be in the GIRAFFE cabin.  I'm always just as anxious to find out as they are :)

It's safe to say that they had an exciting and crazy fun week!  They got to zip, swim, climb, play, golf, boat, sing and dance!  They always enjoy meeting brand new friends and reconnecting with older ones.  Their counselors are always fantastic and do a great job of caring for them all week long!

Bear cabin girls!

Owen's group enjoyed a boat ride in the lake :)

Emma received the "enthusiasm" award for always being energetic and excited when learning more about her heavenly father. 

Owen received the "confidence" award for always being sure in his faith and in any new activity he tried. 

Cousins make the best friends {and the best fellow campers!!}

It was pretty quiet around the house while the kiddos were gone.  Hudson enjoyed all of our undivided attention but was super happy to see the kiddos when we arrived at camp!!  It was a sweet reunion for sure.

"We didn't realize we were making memories.  We just knew we were having FUN!" -Anonymous

Thursday, June 22, 2017

EJ Summer Regional Meeting

Last weekend we ventured to the Hyatt Resort in San Antonio for our first annual Edward Jones Summer Regional Meeting.  We are happy to be a part of region #293!  :)

We especially enjoyed catching up with the Winn family from Hunstville :)

The resort was wonderful!  The kids especially loved the on site water slide and lazy river. 

We enjoyed S'mores and a movie on the lawn!

On the last night we attended a formal awards dinner. 

We enjoyed the weekend and felt to welcomed, refreshed and encouraged :)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Galveston 2017

After picking the big kids up from camp we headed straight to Galveston to meet Big Daddy and Lita.  We enjoyed a couple of days in the sand and water!

Uncle Joseph took Owen fishing twice and he had lots of fun!  He even caught a few fish :)

"Cheesing" in their matching monogrammed crab shirts :) 

The waves and breeze put Hudson at ease.  He snoozed at the beach!

My three beach babies :)

One day we ventured to Schlitterbahn and the other we visited the Moody Gardens Aquarium.  Hudson is wild about fish these days so we knew he would enjoy it :) 

Here they are petting sting rays.  We were also able to touch jelly fish (yikes!)

What a great exhibit!  It was enjoyed by all ages!

"The sand may brush off and the salt may wash away, but the memories will last forever!" 

Emma is 10-and-a-half!

Sweet Emma Grace is 10-and-a-half!  She is such a blessing and is the best big sister around :) 

She enjoys softball, writing, filming short movies and riding her bike.  She also spends lots of time entertaining two little brothers :)

Our favorite girl is spunky, dependable, imaginative, patient and kind always.   

She enjoyed Baylor UYP again this year and took "Starting a business" and "Instachallenge".   

Last month she concluded her second full year of piano lessons.  She did a beautiful job at her recital!

Padres baseball

Owen has enjoyed his final season of coach pitch baseball!  This year he is on the Padres and plays third base.  Jarrod is an assistant coach for the team. 

The Padres won first place in their division!! 

"I swing with everything I've got.  I hit big or I miss big.  I like to live as big as I can." -Babe Ruth