Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A visit to west Texas

Over St Patricks day weekend we journeyed to west Texas to visit relatives we don't see often enough!!  Cousins really do make the best friends :)

The kids were amazed with the miles and miles of giant wind turbines!

Some of our shenanigans included a cousin tripod (oldest 3 of 15!), several hours of sweet conversation with Memaw, watching March Madness in the hotel lobby each evening and hearing my uncle preach.  I think Memaw really enjoyed her time with these silly great-grandkids (and these are only half of them!)

Memaw has been such a significant person in my life and was in lots of my favorite childhood memories.  She has loved all of us well and I know has prayed for us over the years.  I'm so thankful for the time that my kiddos got to spend in her presence.  She has the most beautiful laugh and has such a special way with young children.  When I asked her for the secret to a long and happy marriage she said "Love one another, be a Christian and act like it".  When I asked her the most challenging part of motherhood she said "There was none, it was all such a joy!"

Little man snoozing at the hotel :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hudson is TWO!

Hudson is TWO!  He weighs exactly 25 pounds (14th percentile), measures 29.25" long (.01%) and his head circumference is 18.85%" (25th %).  He now wears all size 24 month/2T outfits and size 5 diapers.

He adores his big siblings and thinks they are hilarious ;)  They certainly are the most handy babysitters.

He can now say/repeat the words Mama, Dada, Emma, Owen, Beau, that, balloon ("boo"), light, yes, baby, night-night, uh-oh, outside, go and bath.  He points at everything -- especially lights, electrical outlets and ceiling fans.  He has memorized where each of the light switches are in the house and requests to flip them off and on as we pass by.  He has caught on and now sometimes says "on, on".  He has become SO skilled in maneuvering his Bumbo wheelchair.  It has been incredible to watch him learn so fast!  He is now able to go forward, backward and just about anywhere he wants to be!

Hudson especially enjoys being outdoors, taking baths, making friends, banging on the piano, playing with toy trucks and "reading" books.  He can army crawl, throw a ball and whistle.  His favorite foods are tortellini, avocado, cheese cubes and chicken nuggets.

He posed for a few photos at Mount Vernon his last week to be ONE!  

PT and OT therapies are going well.  We now go to the center for both.  Mrs Jaylon and Ashlea are huge blessings, love our boy dearly and encourage me so much!  Here he is sitting up nice and tall while playing at PT.  As a team we have decided to begin the application process for a wheelchair.  I'm super excited as it will provide much more independence and will allow him to be at a closer height level as his peers.

He has become a great napper!  He usually goes down around 1:00pm and sleeps until the kids return home from school.  He doesn't rest well through noise when or away from his bed.

Emma did a mini photo shoot with him his last day to be one.  I will cherish these memories forever and ever :)

Dear Hudson,

What an indescribable journey these last couple of years have been.  And what absolute JOY you bring to the lives of so many!  We have seen the Lord's hand every step of the way as He has provided amazing medical staff and opportunities.  Your doctors and therapists truly love you and encourage us.  Family and friends (both new and old!) have prayed us through difficult days and have rejoiced with us at the tiniest milestones and victories.  Your smile is contagious and your giggle is the greatest.  It is incredible to watch you grow, discover the world around you and develop at your very own pace.  You are the strongest and bravest boy I know.  I love you!!!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Hudson's 2nd Birthday party {Barnyard bash!}

We celebrated Hudson turning TWO with a barnyard bash!

After a long afternoon nap he birthday boy was ready to party :)

There were several outdoor activities planned (a duck pond, bubbles, etc) but it started pouring down rain half an hour before it was to begin!  We had to improvise but it turned out great :)

Hanging out with Grandpa

Matching with Big Daddy

Cupcakes, cookies, hay bales and bags of wool galore!

This sweet boy is so loved and we loved celebrating him with a fun evening :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

4th Grade Field trip {Inner Space Caverns}

It's incredibly bittersweet to me that our Emma only has three months left of elementary school.  I'm sure they will fly by, too :( Hudson and I were excited to accompany the 4th grade Woodway class to Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown this week. 

Emma and her bestie, Hallie.  Hallie's mom {Mrs. Echols - Owen's teacher!} rode with me and we were able to check the girls out early.

The first educational activity was panning for treasure.  The girls found several different types of minerals, rocks and arrows and were excited to keep them as souvenirs. 


Down in the cave!  What a neat experience! 

This bunch was so very well behaved.  We enjoyed the day :)

Red Heat Basketball

 Owen really enjoyed his first season of basketball!   He played with Woodway Family Center and his team was called Red Heat.  Many of the players were from his flag football team.

Owen learned a lot this season and improved more and more as the season progressed.

He became much more confident in dribbling, shooting, rebounding and scoring.  He even made several baskets :)

Time out for some serious strategy!

The guys were so excited to be undefeated this year!  They actually won the last game by one point!

On to baseball season......

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hudson is 23 months!

Hudson is 23 months this week!  He now weighs 23 lbs 10 oz and measures 29" long!  He just promoted from the Tiny Turtles to the Bouncing Bunnies nursery class at church.  We plan to take his Bumbo wheelchair to allow him to better interact with his peers. 

Earlier this month he was evaluated for both speech and occupational therapy.  He cooperated very well and pleasantly surprised me with some of the things he was able to do!  At this time he falls within the average range for speech so will continue to work on that ourselves.  He starts weekly OT sessions later this month.  During the evaluations I discovered a lot of ideas we can work on at home.  After his OT eval we went straight to Target to grab this wooden shape puzzle, easy-grip crayons and a tiny red toy car.

He finally started MOVING in his Bumbo wheelchair!!!   He has mastered going forward and is still working on maneuvering backward and around obstacles.  His arms have become super strong and he is especially motivated by Dum Dum suckers!  :)  We are so proud of our little guy and love that he is becoming more interested in being mobile.

He occasionally repeats what we say.  We are still earnestly working on vocabulary.  He can also make a kissing noise with his lips to copy us.  He still enjoys bath time and has loved exploring the new bath toys he got for Christmas :)

A couple of weeks ago he cruised through Hobby Lobby sitting like this for the first time.  He enjoyed the view!

We took lunch to Emma at school one day and had to snap a quick picture!  All of her sweet friends always love to visit with him.

He absolutely LOVES pulling the string on the ceiling fan, tuning light switches on/off and opening/closing cabinets and drawers.  In fact, he stays entertained for quite awhile!  He is army crawling like a pro!  It doesn't take him long to travel across a room with the right motivation :)  Over the past couple of weeks he has had several follow up medical appointments including ophthalmology and ENT.  We also transferred his urology care from TCH to McLanes in Temple.

He is still a great eater!  This month he enjoyed his first very own nugget pack at Chick fil a!  He attacked and devoured them all right after I took this photo :)  He is a great eater and the only foods he refuses are lettuce and black olives!

I snapped a photo of him watching Trump's Inauguration since it was such a huge piece history!  Of course he was more interested in wheeling forward to push buttons on the DVD player.

It's hard to believe that he will be TWO next month.  Can't wait to celebrate!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hudson is 22 months!

Hudson is 22 months!  He now weighs just over 23 pounds and is close to wearing all size 24 outfits.  He is such a JOYful kid - you would never guess by this photo that he has a double ear infection!

Tis the season to break out the ole nebulizer.  He hates it - bless his heart!  He has been sick off and on and still has a lingering wheeze.  He was just prescribed two weeks worth of albuterol and budesonide - three times a day X 25 minutes - oh my!

This month he discovered how to throw things - oh boy!  At the beginning of the month he started saying "Emma" and at the end of the month he started saying Owen ("Oweh"!)  He often repeats names and words and it's pretty darn cute :)  He says Katy, "night night", "dada" and "Beau" (the dog).

Daddy gave him a haircut right before Christmas which suddenly made him look older!  I can't believe he will be TWO very soon!  He was very happy to wear his OU onesie during the Sugar Bowl to cheer for Dede Westbrook :)

He is getting lot of great use out of this Christmas gift.  It's a Leap Frog magnetic alphabet bus and teaches letters and sounds.  The very best part is that it is at the perfect level when he is in the stander.

These two blonde brothers LOVE each other!!  They have such a special bond and would do anything for one another :)  It has been fun to look back at Owen's baby pictures to see how similar they look!

PT is still going well.  Since the beginning of the year we have increased visits to once per week.  Jaylon is great with him and he is always usually cooperative for her.  The main focus is still core strength and balance.  Part of the issue is that he has gone so long feeling safe in the tripod position that he is incredibly reluctant to let both hands go.  It will take some time but we are determined to master this skill :)  It's incredible to watch him accomplish tiny goal by tiny goal.  Here he is sitting independently on a backless stool playing like such a big kid :)