Saturday, April 22, 2017

1st Grade Field Trip - World Hunger Relief Farm

This week Owen's first grade class visited World Hunger Relief Farm in Elm Mott.  WHRF is a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of hunger around the world.  Their mission is to train, motivate and partner with the community to accomplish this goal.

The students learned all about crops, livestock and life at the farm.  We saw lots of sweet baby animals :)

Owen was chosen to be a "goat" to demonstrate how they are milked (ha ha)! 

The class was able to taste mint leaves, pet animals and see eggs.  Our "farmer" tour guide explained a new program they are launching for vegetable prescriptions.  A doctor can write an Rx for veggies a patient needs to consume more of instead of medicine.  Very interesting! 

The class was very well behaved and had a great time.  Can't believe this bunch is about to promote to 2nd grade soon.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Owen is 7-and-a-half!

Owen is 7-and-a-half!  He now weighs 60 pounds.  He wears size 7/8 clothes and size 2.5 shoes.    

He is curious, sneaky, competitive and playful.

He can be the sweetest kid ever, especially when he picks his mama flowers!  :)  His favorite foods include pasta, eggs, Gushers and Ramen noodles.

He marches to his own beat and certainly has his own sense of style!  There is never a dull moment with this boy and he keeps us on our toes.

He loves being outdoors and his most recent adventure has been playing and building in the creek in our backyard!

He lost his second tooth on 3/26 in a baseball incident.  It had been very loose for weeks and that finally did the trick!  It just so happened that baseball and bluebonnet photos had just happened hours before.  Phew!!

He enjoys football, baseball, bowling, golf and church children's choir.  He is currently working on a church musical and has a solo! 

He tried roller skating for the first time this Spring and did so well!  He can't wait to go back.

It has been a great school year!  He dressed up as a 100 year old man and has 100 pieces of bubble gum on his shirt to celebrate 100 days of first grade! :)

Friday, April 7, 2017

DC or bust {Spring Break adventures!}

For Spring break we traveled to Washington DC!  Hudson did a great job on his first flight! 

Since Jarrod worked in DC for two Summers he was very knowledgeable about the area and was our personal tour guide.  With the recent election and news media the big kids thought it was really neat to actually see the White House, important monuments and other attractions in person. 

On day one we toured the American History Museum.  We also saw the White House and Washington Monument from afar.  It was much colder than we expected!  Luckily there was a Panera Bread near our hotel so we enjoyed some warm soup and bread to warm up!  That evening we ordered pizza to the hotel and spent some time at the indoor pool.

We were back at it again bright and early the next morning!  On day two we ate brunch at the Lincoln Waffle Shop and then walked across the street to Ford's Theater.  We did SO much walking and metro riding.  That afternoon we toured the National Archives and Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  {Did I mention Jarrod is a museums enthusiast?!}  That evening we grabbed dinner with one of our favorite longtime friends, Dustin.

On our final full day in DC we visited many monuments and museums.  Fortunately the weather had warmed up quite a bit!  We took the metro to Union Station and hopped on an open top tour bus.  Our guide was great and we learned a lot.  Among our favorite tour spots were the Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.  That afternoon we visited Arlington National Cemetery.  It was neat for the kids to watch the changing of the guards.  Later that day we walked over Key Bridge to DC Cupcakes (as featured on TLC). 

On the day we flew out we made a quick trip to Mount Vernon.  What a neat place!

Emma found this set up in the airport and of course we had to snap a pic :)

Farewell DC!  Thanks for a fun and educational time :)  So proud to be Americans!