Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A visit to west Texas

Over St Patricks day weekend we journeyed to west Texas to visit relatives we don't see often enough!!  Cousins really do make the best friends :)

The kids were amazed with the miles and miles of giant wind turbines!

Some of our shenanigans included a cousin tripod (oldest 3 of 15!), several hours of sweet conversation with Memaw, watching March Madness in the hotel lobby each evening and hearing my uncle preach.  I think Memaw really enjoyed her time with these silly great-grandkids (and these are only half of them!)

Memaw has been such a significant person in my life and was in lots of my favorite childhood memories.  She has loved all of us well and I know has prayed for us over the years.  I'm so thankful for the time that my kiddos got to spend in her presence.  She has the most beautiful laugh and has such a special way with young children.  When I asked her for the secret to a long and happy marriage she said "Love one another, be a Christian and act like it".  When I asked her the most challenging part of motherhood she said "There was none, it was all such a joy!"

Little man snoozing at the hotel :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hudson is TWO!

Hudson is TWO!  He weighs exactly 25 pounds (14th percentile), measures 29.25" long (.01%) and his head circumference is 18.85%" (25th %).  He now wears all size 24 month/2T outfits and size 5 diapers.

He adores his big siblings and thinks they are hilarious ;)  They certainly are the most handy babysitters.

He can now say/repeat the words Mama, Dada, Emma, Owen, Beau, that, balloon ("boo"), light, yes, baby, night-night, uh-oh, outside, go and bath.  He points at everything -- especially lights, electrical outlets and ceiling fans.  He has memorized where each of the light switches are in the house and requests to flip them off and on as we pass by.  He has caught on and now sometimes says "on, on".  He has become SO skilled in maneuvering his Bumbo wheelchair.  It has been incredible to watch him learn so fast!  He is now able to go forward, backward and just about anywhere he wants to be!

Hudson especially enjoys being outdoors, taking baths, making friends, banging on the piano, playing with toy trucks and "reading" books.  He can army crawl, throw a ball and whistle.  His favorite foods are tortellini, avocado, cheese cubes and chicken nuggets.

He posed for a few photos at Mount Vernon his last week to be ONE!  

PT and OT therapies are going well.  We now go to the center for both.  Mrs Jaylon and Ashlea are huge blessings, love our boy dearly and encourage me so much!  Here he is sitting up nice and tall while playing at PT.  As a team we have decided to begin the application process for a wheelchair.  I'm super excited as it will provide much more independence and will allow him to be at a closer height level as his peers.

He has become a great napper!  He usually goes down around 1:00pm and sleeps until the kids return home from school.  He doesn't rest well through noise when or away from his bed.

Emma did a mini photo shoot with him his last day to be one.  I will cherish these memories forever and ever :)

Dear Hudson,

What an indescribable journey these last couple of years have been.  And what absolute JOY you bring to the lives of so many!  We have seen the Lord's hand every step of the way as He has provided amazing medical staff and opportunities.  Your doctors and therapists truly love you and encourage us.  Family and friends (both new and old!) have prayed us through difficult days and have rejoiced with us at the tiniest milestones and victories.  Your smile is contagious and your giggle is the greatest.  It is incredible to watch you grow, discover the world around you and develop at your very own pace.  You are the strongest and bravest boy I know.  I love you!!!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Hudson's 2nd Birthday party {Barnyard bash!}

We celebrated Hudson turning TWO with a barnyard bash!

After a long afternoon nap he birthday boy was ready to party :)

There were several outdoor activities planned (a duck pond, bubbles, etc) but it started pouring down rain half an hour before it was to begin!  We had to improvise but it turned out great :)

Hanging out with Grandpa

Matching with Big Daddy

Cupcakes, cookies, hay bales and bags of wool galore!

This sweet boy is so loved and we loved celebrating him with a fun evening :)