Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our ailments

This is my ninth week of pregnancy and I have been pretty sick over the past few days. I've spent most of my time in bed (or in the bathroom) and I've let the household chores stack up and stare me in the face! Oh, and Emma already does a close impression of me throwing up (sorry if that was too much info)! I guess the silver lining is that I have lost about 8 lbs. Oh, and "they say" that morning (or all day) sickness is a sign of a healthy baby. Let's hope so :)

There are so many recommendations for helping with morning sickness out there. I've heard it all - from sucking on lemons all day to eating small meals every couple of hours to taking strong drugs to ride it out. I've tried most of them but unfortunately no such luck. And, all I have to say to those mamas out there who never experienced morning sickness, "NO FAIR"!!

Jarrod has done an excellent job of taking care of business around here. That is, until he horribly sprained his left ankle playing basketball with some friends last night. He came home earlier than usual.....but limping. Apparently he heard the bones "crack" - and luckily the school athletic trainer was there and was able to look at it. I told him that if it isn't better over the weekend he is going to the dr. And I mean it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're back!!

Our blog is back by popular demand! I hope this updates you all on what has been going on with us recently. Our most exciting news it that Emma is going to be a BIG SISTER in
November!! Although it is not quite as intense as while I was pregnant with Emma, I have morning (all day) sickness. It pretty much consumes a large part of my day but luckily gets a little better later in the day. Emma has been very helpful and concerned and often asks "Mama, otay?" I have stocked my pantry with lemonade, ginger snaps, coke and other things that my friendly fellow mamas have suggested. My doctor also prescribed some medication, which I pray helps soon!!

The whole fam was able to go to my first prenatal appointment at Hillcrest in Waco. We were so happy to see the tiny baby and the heartbeat!! We refer to this baby as "little bean"! We will be happy to welcome a sister or a brother and should be able to find out the gender in July.

A couple of weekends ago we traveled to Comanche to celebrate Emma's third cousin Zachary's first birthday party!! As you can see from the picture, he loved digging into his cake! He made a fun mess and got a nice bath immediately after.

Last week we officially found out that Cameron finished sixth our of eight teams for district!! The guys did a superb job, especially since it was the first year for UIL. Over Spring break Jarrod helped with the Varsity baseball team but was switched over to track for the remainder of the season (through early May). Thankfully he will be home by 5:30 every day and track meets are few and far between. Yay!!!!!