Friday, September 28, 2012

Football Friday: candy grams

Several of my fellow coaches' wives, players' moms and & I have been decorating the Varsity locker room for game days.  We also put a sweet treat in each helmet.  One fellow coaches' wife and I came up with the following candy sayings:

Now or later you will look back at tonight.  Give it your all!

Smarties ~ Play smart!

Starburst ~ Be a star!

Candy corn (Close to Halloween, of course!) ~ It may sound corny but we love our Tigers!

Snicker at the Sandies!

Laffy Taffy ~ Laugh at the Yellow Jackets!

Rolo-ver the competition!

Pop Rocks ~ You ROCK!!!

Score a Mound of points!!!

Don't hit a Sour Patch!  Let's go Tigers!

Our Tigers are Red Hot!!!

Keep their score at Zero!

Skor lots of points!!!

Don't have Butterfingers; catch every ball!

100 Grand ~ You are worth a lot to your team! or Your effort is priceless!

Atomic Bombs ~ Our Tigers are the BOMB!!

GobSTOPpers ~ Stop the Lions in their tracks!

Peppermints ~ Your efforts are worth a mint!

Sweedish Fish - Just keep swimming!

Crunch the competition!

Gummy Bears ~ We love cheering for you BEARY much!

Score S'more!

Potato chips or Chocolate chip cookies ~ Chip away at the competition!

Rice Krispy Treats ~ Snap, Crackle Pop to the top!!

Be a Lifesaver for a team mate today!

Whoppers ~ Whop the competition!

Bubble gum ~ Burst their bubble!

Shock Tarts ~ Shock the competition!

Reeses Pieces ~ Tear the Lions to pieces!

Blow Pops ~ Blow away the competition!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our student

Guess who loves doing homework......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First progress report & Kindergarten update

Look who brought home her first progress report today!  She is a satisfactory student and we are so proud!  She chose a Big Red Icee treat to reward her good behavior and learning!  She has really enjoyed her first (almost!) four weeks of Kindergarten.    It has been such a giant leap forward in the game of life.  It seems like she has grown up so much in such a short window of time.  

Emma has started eating breakfast at school with her little friends.  This makes for very early mornings but we are adjusting....slowly but surely!  She has to be in class by 7:50am to avoid being tardy.  She also eats cafeteria food for lunch and comes home talking about how delicious it is!  She has PE three times each week and has music/art or computers on the other days.  She strives for perfection and is always thrilled to receive an orange triangle (for best behavior) during lunchtime.  Her daily conduct folder is always great.  Ms. Thornton assigns each student a certain job for the day and Emma loves to be a helper!  Her very favorite class is recess and she also loves when Ms. T sends her down to the office to get the walkie talkie before the class goes outside.  She always plays school in the afternoons.  She loves school and even seems disappointed on weekends once she realizes there is no school (we shall see how long that lasts!).  Emma counts down the days to Friday....library day :)

Ms. Thornton added a sweet note on the bottom of her report.  Each time I see her she goes on and on about Emma's manners and good behavior.  Emma is very lucky to have Ms. Thornton.  She has been amazing and we are so thankful for her.  

Last week Emma brought home this good behavior punch card.  She was the first in her class to completely fill it up and got to pick something out of the class prize bucket!  Way to go Emma :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tigers vs Sandies

So proud of those mighty Trinity Tigers :)  They played another exciting game on Friday and beat the Grapeland Sandies 41-16!!  Take a look at Coach Smith's first video interview HERE!!

We survived!

We did it!!  We officially survived the first two full weeks of school!!  It might will definitely take some time to adjust to our new routine.  I have never been a morning person but I am doing my very best to pretend to be.  Our oldest does not like to rush so she wakes up at 6:30am and watches 'Martha Speaks' on PBS before eating breakfast and getting dressed.  I basically grab her brother out of bed on our way out the door.  The pick up line, school fundraisers and upcoming first report card is a whole new world for this mama.  She especially loves cafeteria food, center time, push ups in PE and homework.  She has a new BFF, Alyssa, and often has the funniest stories :)  She loves the color chart behavior system in Ms. Thornton's class and strives to reach 'rainbow' each day.  It still tears my heart into little pieces to see her taking on so much new responsibility and wanting to be such a big girl.  The third day of school was the first time she asked her daddy to leave her at the front door.  Ever since she has walked all the way through the school to her classroom.  

Both kids love their teachers and classes.  We seriously lucked out on teachers!  Such a huge answer to prayer.  Owen has already learned so much.  In particular, he is learning things like letter sounds and days of the week.  He only has two other little boys in his class.  Each time I drop him off he immediately walks into his classroom and turns around to wave and says "bye"!  I am still shocked but so happy he enjoys school days.  

I know it's going to be a wonderful year of learning and growing for all of us.  I pray that both kids are well behaved for their teachers and that they are positive influences on their peers.  

Taste tester

This cute little guy is always a quick volunteer to taste test cupcakes :)

I think it's safe to say that he definitely inherited my sweet tooth!

Now if I could only get him to taste test his dinner....

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nap time fail

Generally speaking, our youngest is a top notch napper.  As long as he has the following with him he is good to go: "pee-yo" (red car pillow), "cobers" (covers), "kahski" (paci) and "duce" (really, just a sippy cup....even empty will do).  Furthermore, he will snooze for 3+ solid hours if allowed to do so!  On one particular afternoon a few weeks ago this is what I discovered:

Look how very proud of himself he is :)  He had oh-so-quietly played for a solid HOUR before I heard him.  He had toys all over his bed!!  What a sneaky boy!!

Love my boy!!!

Our little Tiger fans

Another week has passed and tonight we are looking forward to some FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!  Fridays during the Fall are always exciting around the Smith household.  Each week we look forward to decorating the varsity locker room, attending the pep rally, cheering at the game and then enjoying food and fellowship at our coaching family party.  Here are some pics of our favorite little Tiger fans :)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tigers vs Indians

Coach Smith and the Varsity Tigers opened the 2012 season by hosting huge rival, the Groveton Indians this weekend.  The Friday game was delayed then postponed to Saturday due to heavy lightening.  


Loud and proud from the stands!!

Sweet friends cheering on their daddies :)

The coaching staff did a great job!!  All of their hard work and dedication definitely paid off!

Pep talk

WE WON 21-13!!  What an exciting night!.  It's going to be a FUN season :)

See more photos here :)