Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your engines!!

This weekend we hosted Owen's big birthday celebration at my parents' new house in McGregor. 

For months I was puzzled on a theme.  He didn't seem to show special favor of any specific cartoon character or toy.  When Emma turned two she was crazy about Elmo....there was no doubt about it!  Finally, we discovered that Owen loves Disney's Cars!  His daddy bought the first movie on a shopping trip and ever since he has begged to watch it almost daily!!  It's really the only thing he will sit still for for long stretches of time.  Inside we served 'brakelight brisket', 'battery beans' (thanks Gpa), 'Piston cup potatoes' (thanks Lita) and 'Race Day Rolls'. 

I had fun putting together all of the decorations and details but I am convinced that there is never enough time to set up! 

'Stoplights' and 'Pit Crew Favors' for our special guests

Among the 'Refueling Station' options there were 'Mater's Motor Oil' (iced tea), 'Wingo's Windshield Wiper Fluid' (blue kool aid) and Horsepower H20 (water bottles). 

Outside we served 'Speedway Sweets' (cupcakes around a race track) and chocolate dip sticks (dipped pretzel rods).  The birthday boy sure has a sweet tooth!!

My sweet friend Stephanie was patient enough to help me make these coordinating party outfits.  I won't even pretend to tell you how many pictures we took to get a decent pose of these two!  :)

It was such a beautiful evening!

Friends Kaylee, Emma and Noelle worked very diligently at the 'bodyshop'.  Each kiddo get to paint their very own wooden car!

This was the third time Owen got to blow out candles during his birthday week.  He finally got the hang of it but just couldn't blow quite hard enough!  He sure loves cupcakes :)  (Note: He even loves cornbread if we tell him it's a cupcake!)

And this is his best cupcake face....

Three generations of Smiths

Owen loves all of his new little boy toys!  He enjoyed trying out his new Lightening McQueen power ride!!

Owen had a great time....even without taking his usual afternoon nap!  We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and family members who traveled so far to help celebrate our sweet boy :)

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