Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Smiths

Happy Halloween from the Super Smiths! 

After last year's costumes it took me a long while to determine what the kids would be this year.  Oh and just for fun, look at my itty bitties two trick-or-treats ago.  Emma was super happy to be "Supergirl" and chose the red/blue to match Owen over the hot pink option.  Her only big request was to wear face glitter. 

This "Supergirl pose" was all Emma.  Somehow she picked up this stance and did it almost every time she saw the camera pointed in her direction.

The kids were able to wear these costumes to gymnastics, our church Fall festival, our morning playdate and of course, to trick or treat. 

We were thrilled to be a part of our first hayride!  Our Sunday School class organized it and invited us to tag along.  This was extra appreciated since Coach Daddy had to work.  All of our fellow riders had great costumes.  Here is a group photo:

Sweet coaching/church friends: Princess Leia, another princess, Super Woman and Cleopatra:

This was Owen's first year to go door to door and he had so much fun! He quickly got the hang of what this gig was all about. He really wanted to go inside everyone's front door. I'm afraid that now he will expect candy at every house we visit :)

We are so thankful for our Superkids and hope that they have wonderful memories of fun holidays!

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