Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another quick survey

Outside my window…is a pipe company

I am thinking…that my online job takes up lots of time

I am thankful for...the good health of my family

From the kitchen… I just got some big red ice cream!

I am wearing…denim capris and an aqua shirt

I am creating… a baby boy

I am going… to go crazy if the outdoor temperature stays like this for long :(

I am reading... "The Coach's Wife" by Carolyn Allen

I am praying… that our children are heatlhy, my parents are safe in Peru and that we find a place to live soon!

I am hearing… car dealership calls for work in my head phones

Around the house… we have far too much stuff in such a small space

One of my favorite things… family, spa days, ice cream, shopping and cool Fall days

A few plans for the rest of the week… going to Waco tomorrow

What are some of the simple things that you appreciate about your week so far? freedom, food in the fridge and Jarrod being home with us for just a little while longer........


  1. Oh I just love your list!!! I hope you find a house soon! I know someone who has one for sale if you want to live in Temple!!!!! hehe!

  2. Are you guys staying in Cameron???

  3. Yes, staying in Cameron. Blah.