Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are thrilled that a little boy will be joining the Smith household this Fall. Before our appointment on Monday morning we took one last guess. Jarrod & I were both pretty convinced "it" was a girl, but Emma kept saying "boy, boy, boy"! The sonogram went really well. The technician was very thorough and spent plenty of time explaining the cute "blob" on the screen. Jarrod & Emma got to watch for the first few minutes while I laid on the bed with goo on my tummy. I was so antsy to see but from my view I could not :( Finally, she asked "Do you want to know the gender if I can see it?" Of course I said yes! (side note: I think it's really neat that some new parents choose to let it be a surprise, but once you're to that point and someone knows....how can you not want to know?!) She said the words "it's a little boy" and I was shocked! I was relieved that we will have one girl and one boy (and there won't be pressure on the gender of baby #3!) On the other hand, I am a little clueless about baby boys. I have a lot to learn :) Our families are VERY female heavy, so this will help balance things out a little! Baby boy Smith was moving all around....he was opening his mouth, putting his tiny hands on his face and kicking his sweet legs! We were disappointed with the way the sonogram pictures turned out. The best one is featured above. I don't think that we will do 3D/4D pics this time, so that was our only sneak peak before the big day!
Since we were already in Waco, I scheduled my monthly prenatal check up for the same day. Dr. Wang is great, but I have become a little irritated with the length of wait time. Since Hillcrest is in a transition period the hospital is located approximately 15 miles from where her office still is. When someone goes into labor or surgery is running behind, Dr Wang runs late. I have never been seen less than an HOUR beyond my scheduled appointment time. It seems much longer with a 2 yr old along for the fun. Having a toddler in a quiet waiting room is very similar to a bull in a china closet! Yesterday we literally waited over THREE hours before I was seen. It's pretty comical because the actual examination takes 3 minutes!


  1. I seriously hate waiting. I would have left a note that said, "I'm feeling fine, see ya next time." Once I had a prenatal appointment and I had an awful stomach virus...like, the violent-pukey kind. I waited in the exam room for over an hour, throwing up my guts. It was the longest, most awful hour of my life, I think! I finally went into the hall and threatened to throw up on the carpet...she came in not too long after that! (I hated that OB by the way...)

    Yay for boys! They are so great...you will love it! Can't wait to hear some names!

  2. I know exactly how you feel about everything. Little boys are scary! I am so happy for all of you.
    Sorry Dr. Wangs office sux. Just remember how great of a doctor she is and that it is worth it. I think your right though, it takes nearly 30 min to get from the hospital to her office. They need to hurry up and move.


  4. Congrats on the little boy!!! So happy for you!

  5. YEAH! Praise the Lord! I know you guys are so thrilled! We sure love little boys around here. I know Emma will be a wonderful big sister. So happy for your growing family!!