Saturday, June 11, 2016

Emma is 9-and-a-half

Our Emma girl is 9-and-a-half!  Truth be told, I'm soooo not ready for the upcoming double digits!  She now weighs 95 pounds and stands over 4.5 feet tall.  She wears mostly size 12 clothes and women's size 7 shoe {it won't be long before we can share!}  

She enjoys riding her bike, playing softball, Barbies and board games.  She is overly competitive, is a talented artist and collects TY stuffed animals. 

She is a wonderful big sister and is very helpful with Hudson.  However, she often enjoys quiet/alone time (I certainly don't blame her!)

She often creates short movies on the ipad and gets very creative!  She gives relaxing foot rubs but requires payment :)

She has a great sense of humor and loves learning new jokes!  She finds the fun in life and makes those around her happy :)

She and Jarrod enjoyed the Father/Daughter dance in February.  She looked beautiful and they had a wonderful evening!  :) 
 Of course we had to be in style cheering Owen's team on this Spring!   

She has really enjoyed taking piano lessons this school year!  She has learned a lot about rhythm, hand/eye coordination and reading notes.  On Mother's Day she wrapped up the year with a patriotic recital and played 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'  and 'You're a Grand Old Flag'.  She recently started teaching Owen how to play :)

She really is growing up right before our eyes.  We love her to pieces!

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