Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twenty months

On (Monday) June 20th Owen turned 20 months! 

 According to the official Yoemen weight room scale he is around 24 pounds.  He is still in size four regular and overnight diapers.  We are no where near starting to potty train (definitely more relaxed with child #2)!  We just purchased his first size 7 shoes at the Nike outlet....but I doubt they will last through football season.  I'm constantly amazed at how fast the kiddos' tootsies grow!!  He fits comfortably in all size 18 month tops and bottoms and I predict that he will graduate to size 2T around his birthday.  We just turned his car seat forward facing.

We can finally see more interest in his eating.  He is slightly more willing to try foods that he wouldn't touch before.  If there is something he absolutely won't have he shakes his head really big side to side!  He would live on chips & salsa, green grapes, flour tortillas, yogurt, pop tarts and oatmeal cream pies if we let him.  He also loves to dip things (gravy, ketchup, ranch, etc.).  We learned the hard way that we shouldn't sit near a play/game area for meal time. 

Most days he only takes one nap.  It starts late morning and usually lasts a couple of hours.  We are offering the pacifier only in the car and when he sleeps.  Some days that's easier said than done!  He is still a very light sleeper and wakes up several times throughout the night.  Thank goodness his sweet daddy is getting up with him this Summer :)

He thinks his daddy is #1!!  He has become a huge daddy's boy over the past few weeks while Jarrod has been home.  Although it hurts his mama's feeling just a little, it's neat that they have been able to bond.  We even have to strategically distract him on the other side of the house if Jarrod has to go outside or leave for anything.  Bless his's going to be a sad day for Owen when football starts.

His vocabulary has expanded a little.  Some of the words he says now include mama, dada, sissy, dog, duck, bath, outside, night-night, juice, pop tart, snack, ball, bat, truck, car, up, down, book, please, shoes, bug and baby. 

He loves to make noise and to be outside!  He is getting very brave with climbing and exploring.  When he wakes up each morning he looks for a bat and wants to swing at everything....and nothing is safe! 

"A boy is truth with dirt on its face,
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
And the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket...." -Unknown

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