Friday, June 18, 2010

SonQuest Rainforest VBS

Emma REALLY enjoyed VBS this week! I was a little apprehensive the first day. I walked her in and she immediately started playing with her little friends. When it was about to start I walked over and told her that I was going to leave. She offered me a kiss, then a hug and said "Bye mom"! It was definitely harder on me than it was on her. It helped that I know most of the mamas who led it! I know that VBS isn't a huge deal (it's just 3 hours each AM), but it was the first time I had ever left her alone at something like this....and she has only been potty trained for a few months (with a few oopsies here and there).

It was very bizarre having just Owen to focus on! It was the first time in almost eight months....and I think he was a little confused, too :) We played, he napped, I worked a little and exercised!! At first I felt a little guilty for enjoying my extra time...but then I realized that Emma was having a grand time! Preschool is going to be a good thing for all of us.
Here is one of Emma's pals, Kolt. He is also in our playgroup and was on her t ball team:

Here is our social butterfly with two of her very best friends, Brinley and Salma. Brinley was also on her t ball team:

The VBS theme was SonQuest Rainforest. I am so thankful that Emma had the opportunity to learn about Jesus in such a wonderful way! I have many great VBS memories from my childhood and want the same for our kids! I am also so happy that Emma did so well this week and that she enjoys being around other people experiencing new things!

Emma was so disappointed to learn that today was the last day of VBS (in her words: "Aw mannn")! She is so excited about Yoe cheer camp next month....and so am I!

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