Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eight months old

Owen is eight months old today! That means he is 2/3 the way to his first birthday! His next well baby visit is next month but we stopped by the pedi office a couple of weeks ago (June 9) and he weighed 17 lbs 3 oz. His handsome big blue eyes melt my heart:

One of his favorite things is bath time! He usually bathes with his big sister and they have an over abundance of toys! They could play in there all day long :) Owen has started splashing water and loves his sister's Tinkerbelle plastic ball. He stretches out of the infant tub to reach it wherever it is :)

In the past month Owen has become much more stable when sitting alone. He seems much more content sitting than he ever was on his back or tummy....afterall, he can watch his sister AND the TV!

Our little guy is a tummy sleeper. If he is extra tired he will roll over his right shoulder wherever he is.....even on the changing table (this is extra tricky for his parents)! He is finally sleeping better at night. From 7:30p-7:30a he usually wakes up twice to eat. He refuses to nap in the car or away from home but will nap pretty well if we are at home. He takes one brief nap mid morning, a long one early afternoon and occasionally takes another brief one late afternoon.

Thankfully Owen has decided that he can play on the floor alone for a little while. Before now, this was not an option. He would just scream until someone picked him up. This week while Emma was at VBS and the house was quiet, I put him in the living room floor with several toys. I turned on PBS and he watched Elmo for a few moments. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he ends up being an Elmo fan like his sister, because I'm almost certain that we have every Elmo toy on the market :) Owen even danced to the Sesame Street theme song. The boy has rhythm!

He still loves his long as it is near someone :) I just love his sweet smile (& dimples)!

Sibling love is still existent in our household although I'm beginning to wonder what it will be like once Owen becomes mobile....

Owen still has no teeth but LOVES saltine crackers and Gerber puffs. He attacks crackers as though he hasn't been fed in days! He is 100% B-O-Y and loves to be messy. He grabs the spoon right out of our hand when being fed and smears baby food all over his face and clothes. He has started giggling as it happens. He is in to EVERYthing. When he wants something (whether he should have it or NOT), he keeps his eye on it and ooches his way toward it. Time to think about babyproofing the house!!
"A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day." ~Unknown

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