Friday, June 25, 2010

Picnic at the park

Today we took a picnic lunch out to a local park. It was such a beautiful day!

I'm so glad that we are finally using this nice picnic basket we received as a wedding gift (it had only made 5 moves before being opened)!

Emma had to go potty but unfortunately there were no public restrooms out there. Her daddy suggested that she take care of business behind a tree but she said that was "yucky". I didn't blame her. So, she and I left the guys behind for a few minutes and found a gas station :)
Here are some cute photos I took of Owen:

There are lots of ducks at the park. We tried to feed them but.....

They didn't want to get near Roxie!!! The photo below was taken just before this poor duck started quacking in distress and flapping its body like crazy! We couldn't help but laugh. The truth is that Roxie was just curious and might have even wanted to make a friend. She doesn't know that she is a dog or that she is supposed to run after other animals :)

Roxie LOVES to swim and doesn't get to often enough. In fact, the last time very well might have been when we lived in Stillwater. Upon our arrival she bolted out of the truck and dove right in! Emma was so amazed that she could swim! She is so happy in the water and had the biggest "smile" on her face:

I think she had a great time....just look at that face!

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