Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tid bits

Here are some "tid bits" to keep you posted on The Smiths:
1. Emma is particiapting in VBS at a local church this week. She loves her Sunday school class so hopefully she will enjoy it! I have many happy VBS memories from my childhood. We know lots of mamas and kiddos at this church so she will be just fine :) I'm not sure what I will do....maybe catch up on work or clean bathrooms....can you stand the excitement?!
2. We are dogsitting my parents' mini schnauzer over the next ten days or so. My parents are headed to California for vacation. Dixie is very energetic. She and Roxie are not BFF's.
3. My cousin Sara is getting married in Napa over Labor day weekend. She called last week to ask Emma to be the flower girl! Emma is super excited!!
4. I need to do something with my mop....oops, I mean hair! It grows sooooo slowly so if I dare cut it I must be prepared for it to take FORever to grow out again. I am asking Santa for a Chi straightener for Christmas. Sometimes I muster up the courage to do something fun and short but then chicken out at hair appointments! Ugh! Four days after Emma's birth I had a new "mom do". I am not doing that again...but may go for some fresh layers. I need suggestions! HELP...this is a hair emergency!
5. Jarrod was eager to pick up his copy of Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine today! The Cameron Yoemen team is chosen NUMBER ONE in the new district and EIGHTH in state! Jarrod is looking forward to good things this year and tells me to mark Dec 16th on my calendar for the championship game. Part of me says "Yahoo, that's fantastic!" and another part of me says "Ughhh...that's a loooong season". I'm just saying.
6. Jarrod stays busy! I think it drives him bonkers to stay at home all day. Last week he changed my oil and today he trimmed the trees. This week he has to watch the weight room.
7. I will be 29 in October. You know what comes next (the big 3-0). My two best friends and I hope to plan an extended weekend getaway to celebrate sometime next year. Initially we thought about traveling to Chicago to be in the Oprah audience but now we are thinking maybe just the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We want to relax, eat, go to the spa and shop! We need ideas!!
8. Last week I started a weight loss plan. It's nothing special, I'm just watching what I eat and I'm exercising. I lifted weights and walked a mile three times last week and hope to do the same this week. I am SO READY to get rid of this post baby body. The lbs stuck with me after Owen's birth (and didn't as long after Emma). Go figure! Realistically my goal is to lose 15+ lbs and to tone like crazy.


  1. i'm letting my hair grow out. i haven't had it long in a long time so every time i go to the hairdresser, it's just to get it trimmed and get my layers relayered. but it does take more time to blow and straighten. it's just that i've had my hair short for so long, so we'll see.

    good job on your exercising and watching what you eat. keep it up and the pounds will come off ;)

    SA sounds like a fun 30 bday celebration. i'm turning 31 this thursday, 31 is not as fun as 30.

    good update!

  2. Let me know if you need SA ideas....I have plenty!