Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a deal!

So for awhile now I have heard of other savvy shoppers steal all kinds of deals at grocery an drug stores. I have always wondered how in the world they do it!
Last week I watched an episode of 'The Doctors' about improving your health on a budget. Stephanie Nelson, "the coupon mom", was featured and demonstrated how to purchase healthy foods for as little as possible. In fact, Stephanie says that you can $ave on EVERYthing you spend money on, whether it is groceries, entertainment or eating out!
We are very disciplined with our budget but groceries can be challenging....espcially with the addition of diapers and formula. I am okay with generic on most items and I am not picky about things being organic. If only we had a nearby grocery store who honored double/triple coupon days.....
I clip coupons when possible and try to be smart about what goes into the basket. It is next to impossible to focus on saving money whe both kids are with me at a store!
I was really proud of my savings at CVS last night and wanted to share! It took some planning and organizing, but it worked out well. I took advantage of their weekly advertisement while stacking coupons. All items purchased are household necessities. Included in the deal were an 8 pack of Bounty paper towels, Pamers diapers, (2) Dawn dish washing liquid, Cascade packs, Tide and a 9 pack of Charmin toilet paper. All of this retails for over $50+ and I go it for $21.57!!! This may not be a lot, but it is just the beginning for me. I hope to figure out how to save a lot more money! If any of you have any helpful advice I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. dang girl, you got all that for $21? crazy! you are doing such a great job and it inspires me to go out and hunt for those coupons! i did groceries yesterday at heb, filled up the basket completely, even got things for my fridge like mayo, catsup, jelly, etc (since we just moved and needed all those things again), got sink sponges, envelopes, tape etc and got it all for $101. I was expecting to pay around $150-$200 but I used a lot of those meal deals heb offers. they had one yesterday, buy two ground beef and get free salad dressing, free bag of salad, free ragu sauce, and free spaghetti noodles. they had a coupon for free tortillas and triple point coupons. i can't wait to get heb bucks in the mail so i can use them for gas!

    also, i get my detergent from sams, it's members mark brand but it does like 90something loads for $9 and i only fill the cup half of what it tells me to and figure even if it's a small amount of soap, surely the clothes will still come out smelling fresh and sure enough, they do! so it last me forever. keep up the good work and keep sharing these tips!

  2. MP - we also took advantage of the HEB meal deal this week! I love those....especially when a few of the "freebies" were on our list anyway! Unfortunately, the Temple HEB des not do the bucks but I remember it from Waco and loved it!!