Friday, June 18, 2010

Afternoon at the pool

Today we ventured out to the city pool for the first time this year. I must say that this is a cool pool, especially considering the size of Cameron! It has the best "kiddy" pool ever which accomodates the Smiths quite nicely :)

This was Owen's first trip to the pool and he LOVED it!! I was a little nervous as it was his usual nap time, but he did great! He enjoyed splashing around and watching the bigger kiddos! He didn't even seem to mind getting his face wet :) He giggled when his little hands touched the water fountains!

Emma does very well in the (huge) kiddy pool and preferred to paddle around in a floatie the whole time! She was not at all interested in the frog slide (which was a huge hit last year). She starts swimming lessons a week from Monday!

We looked pretty ridiculous walking into the facility with a couple of gigantic floaties :) Here is Owen in his. He is still a little small for it.

Owen was intrigued by the slats in the chairs!!

We enjoyed staying cool in the pool and hope to go again soon. After all, "it's Summer time, it's Summer time!", as Emma says :)

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  1. So so cute!!! I am glad that Owen had a blast!!! And just when I think Emma looks like her Daddy I see that last pic of the two of you and it changes my mind! You have a very cute family!!!