Friday, December 9, 2016

Hudson at 21 months

Little man is 21 months!  He now weighs 23 lbs 11oz, measures just over 28.5" long and has 16 teeth!  Here are some of the cute faces he makes!  :)

He likes to go down the mirror aisle at Hobby Lobby.  I used to do this with his big sis about a decade ago!

He enjoys books!  He will sit for a brief moment to hear a story but then attacks the book so that he can turn the pages himself!  He adores his sister and brother and constantly giggles at their every move!

PT is going well.  We are focusing on core strength and ability.  Here he is sitting on a stool while playing with his favorite toy cube.  This position forces him to find his center balance and he is usually able to correct himself when he starts leaning toward one side or the other.  He still spends time in his Bumbo wheelchair and stander but would rather just be held.....!     

He usually bathes every other day and sleeps 11 hours each night - usually waking up twice.  He is ready for a nap around 1:00pm which often lasts a couple of good hours if it's quiet!  He is a great eater and loves to be outdoors.

This wagon has been wonderful!  He explored the zoo in it one day this month.

He is enjoying the holiday season and LOVES Christmas lights!!  After his siblings decorated the tree he spent awhile admiring it.  Of course he immediately pulled several ornaments off :)  It's definitely fun to see Christmas through a little one's eyes again. 

He was under the weather for about seven days.  After scary high temps and finally a rash it was determined that he had tonsillitis and roseola.  Because he felt miserable and was down for so long he definitely took a step back in PT practice but is slowly working his way back.  So glad our little man is better.  Stay away germs!!

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