Saturday, October 3, 2015

1st Runner Up

Emma participated in the 'Little Miss September' pageant during the annual Trinity fair weekend, hosted by the local Avalon nursing home.  She decided on her own outfit {and Lita helped with her very first cowgirl hat and boots!}  A few days before the big night there was a social at Avalon.  Emma delivered a pink rose to each resident and enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and visit with them.  She especially loved this 101 year old new friend! 
The pageant was on a Friday and started an hour before kickoff across town.  We were fashionably late to the game but it was well worth it :)  I was SO proud of how courageous and beautiful she was!  I even let her wear some light makeup and glitter!
A talent was allowed but not required.  Emma was a comedian and did an excellent job!  She had prepared three jokes and spoke them into the microphone perfectly!  Her sweet and spunky personality really showed and was well received by the judges, fellow contestants and crowd!  Emma won 1st runner up and received a trophy, t shirt and flowers! She enjoyed the entire experience and it was fun to watch :) 

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