Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hudson at 6 months

Happy HALF birthday, sweet boy! 

Hudson is officially six months old.  He weighs 14 lbs 13.5 oz and measures 24.5 inches long.  His head circumference is 17 inches.  He is now in all size 6 month outfits and size 2 diapers.  It's amazing to compare photos from March.  Here he is with the blue bunny his siblings gave him in the NICU. 

Hudson sat in his high chair for the first time at breakfast on Sunday 8/16.  He was so glad to be up at our level :)

We introduced baby foods this month and decided to make our own.  It was pretty easy with the Baby Bullet and the big kids enjoyed helping with the first batch.  He has tried butternut squash, pears, sweet potatoes and apples so far.  We allowed four consecutive days for each new food, just in case of an allergic reaction.  He enjoys his food and opens his mouth wide like a little hungry bird when he anticipates the spoon!  He has started babbling with each bite which certainly creates some royal messes :)

A few weeks ago Hudson was fitted for AFO {ankle/foot orthotic} braces.  Right now they are mostly to help with his dorsiflexion and to prevent foot contractures.   

Hudson was {mostly!} patient during the molding process.  The big kids were very helpful and even got to choose the design {camo}.

This set is expected to last for approximately six months and must be worn for a total of ten hours each day.  This sweet boy loves to accessorize :)

He now does physical therapy once a week.  Jenna is pleased with his progress and provides us with great strength exercises to do.  He still despises tummy time but his head/torso have become much stronger.  He is able to sit up unassisted while holding on to his feet for a short few seconds.

Our little man is very verbal and has recently started exploring a few labial consonant sounds {most often M and B}.  He often grins at strangers when we are out and about and really enjoys their attention.  He admires himself in the mirror and looks back and forth to be sure his reflection is still there!  He stayed in the church nursery for the first time on Sunday 9/6.  Weeks prior he seemed to either hiccup or 'chat' very loudly during the sermon :)

He continues to sleep very well at night and to mostly cat nap during the day.  There have been a few times recently that he has napped for a few hours.  He prefers to snooze in my arms opposed to his crib {which I don't mind at all}!

Rub a dub dub; he still enjoys the bath tub.  It seems to make him calm and content and starts his bedtime routine.  He especially likes having warm water slowly poured onto his tummy and isn't always sure about having his hair washed.   

We love this sweet boy! 

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