Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Galveston 2015

In July we enjoyed a few days in Galveston with Big Daddy and Lita.  Uncle Joseph, Aunt Natalie and cousin Tessa met us there.  Our beach house was right on the sand and the kids had such a fun time.  We got just the right dose of vitamin 'sea' :) 
We spent time taking walks on the beach...
Building beautiful sand castles and creations....

Searching for the perfect shells...
{he even brought home a huge collection!}

 Burying one another in the sand....
{this way he stayed still for at least a few minutes!}
...and making lots of salty memories :)

Our sweet beach babies :)

We explored the strand on our last day there.  We watched them make taffy at the confectionary, shopped, ate at Fisherman's Wharf {our fav!} and took part in a guided dolphin tour.   Arrrrrr!!  My favorite pirates on the strand!

Goodbye Galveston!  See you next year!

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